10 Best Portable CD Players UK Ranked [2024]

10 Best Portable CD Players UK Ranked [2024]
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Want to find the best portable CD player? Then welcome to the 90s, as a friend of mine would say. In the 80s it was mainly about playing music on vinyl, but once we entered the 90s I started to buy all my music on CD. While there’s no arguing that vinyl gives a unique sound and has timeless appeal, CDs have some outstanding benefits.

Here’s a secret – most of the music I own is on CD. It’s the same with Mister. We buy the CD of any album we like and can transfer it to an MP3 or MP4 player in a matter of moments. It’s ours to keep forever, to loan to careful friends and to pass on to our daughter – should she want it (which is questionable).

We do have 3 Amazon Alexas so far among our music kit – we’re not completely stuck in the 80s and 90s. Trying out tracks on that is a great way to find new bands and artists to listen to, and we can then buy the CD if we wish. Although sometimes there’s still nothing like browsing in HMV; I did so recently and picked up an INXS CD I actually didn’t already have. Although I used to own it on vinyl in the 80s.

Click here to see the best portable CD player currently available

I love the Klim Nomad – for happy owners it’s the best sounding portable CD player of the bunch. Is it the best portable CD player ever made? It’s a serious contender now that big brands like Sony have stopped making them. A rechargeable li-ion battery and Fusion earbuds come with it, and there’s also a 5 year warranty.

So what are the benefits of CDs? I remember when we first heard of them, my stepdad marvelling at the idea of an indestructible music disc. It was an appealing idea – only late last summer during a heatwave I managed to warp one of my mum’s original Beatles vinyl singles pretty badly by leaving it in the summerhouse that I use as an office during hot weather. Never again.

CD stands for compact disc – so it’s no surprise that they take up less space than vinyl records. You can also skip to the track you want more easily and quickly, without the risk of scratching that precious 33, 45 or 78. At the current time, CDs are also one of the cheapest forms of music to buy. I predict that will change when they come back into fashion, but for now I’m taking full advantage of that. Even though we already own a whole wall of compact discs.

Anyway, I digress. This guide is to help you find the best buy portable CD player for you. Whether you want a high quality portable CD player with a radio and speakers for outdoor use, the best Discman for your commute or the best bluetooth speaker with CD player, you’ll find all the best options listed. So put on your favourite track while I walk you through the wonderful world of the compact disc. Long live 90s music.

Best small CD player contents

best small CD player

Compare the best portable CD player

NameFeaturesType Price Score
Bush jog proofAnti shock, established brand, great valuePersonal Click here4
Klim Nomad5 year warranty, li-ion battery, Fusion earbudsPersonalClick here4.9
Retro red CD playerRetro look, good compatibility, 5 sound modesPersonalClick here4.1
Oakcastle CD10Bass boost, Anti shock, Headphone & MP3 inputPersonalClick here4.8
Klim CD playerBuilt-in battery, Anti shock, 5 year warrantyPersonal Click here4.7
Philips AZ215B/05Bass boost, FM radio, MP3 & smartphone inputBoomboxClick here4.3
Jensen CD-490AM/FM radio, Headphone, MP3 & iPod inputBoomboxClick here4.2
Sony CFDS70B.CEKMega Bass, MP3, AM/FM radio & cassette playerBoomboxClick here4.4
Roberts Zoombox 3Bass boost, DAB FM radio, MP3 inputBoomboxClick here4.5
Lenco SCD-24 FM radio, 6 colours BoomboxClick here4.6

Top rated portable CD players

A quick reference list of all the best rated portable CD player options.

best portable radio CD player

Choosing the best CD player – what to look for

Where do you begin when choosing the best portable CD player in the UK? Are you looking to read a range of portable CD player with speakers reviews, or do you already know you want the smallest portable CD player for when out running? If you’re into tech, then the best sound quality portable CD player is probably what you want above all. Whether you know just what you want or not, a quick glance at the following features to look out for may help you find the best portable audio player to suit your preferences.


This guide includes two types of the best CD portable player products. The first 5 items are the type of personal CD players that are ideal for use on public transport or when out walking or running – Walkmans, if you like. The second 5 products listed are CD boomboxes that you can use either at home or away. So which do you want? Perhaps you’re seeking the best portable CD player for audiobooks when out exercising, or maybe you’d prefer the best portable CD radio player that you can use in the garden, on a picnic or at the beach. Possibly, you might even consider treating yourself to both. After all, some of these bargain prices are very tempting…


How much do you, personally, value the sound quality? If it’s the most important factor for you, then it’s worth spending more on a better machine. Such products tend to outlive cheaper options too – although that’s not always the case. Bass boost may help to enhance the sound. Also bear in mind that the headphones included with a premium product will tend to be of a much higher quality than their cheaper counterparts. It may thus be worth factoring in the cost of purchasing a pair if you choose a budget model. If you’re after a USB CD player for the car, though, you might not use headphones anyway.


You’re looking for the best portable CD player, right? So exactly how lightweight and compact do you need it to be? This is a key consideration with the boombox type of CD player. If you’re going to take it out or away with you all the time, then the best portable radio player with CD for you might be the one that weighs the least. A bluetooth portable CD player, for example, may help to reduce the amount of CDs you need to carry too.

Power source

How are you going to power that MP3 portable CD player? Some models run purely on batteries, including all the personal Walkman type models listed. Boomboxes might run on batteries or mains. One of the options listed even includes a rechargable battery to save money and the environment. If you want a car portable CD player, then it’s wise to check it will connect to the main stereo in your vehicle.


Does style matter? That’s down to personal opinion. Do you require a kids’ portable CD player in an appealing colour, such as a girls’ portable CD player in her favourite shade of pink? Perhaps you want a cute portable CD player as it’s going to take pride of place in your kitchen, dining room or lounge. While most personal portable CD player are similar, boomboxes do vary more in terms of style. What you consider a child’s portable CD player, for instance, might not be as attractive to an adult.

Other useful features

What else would make a product the best portable music player the UK has to offer you? Do you want, for example, the best portable cassette player as well? Some models can also play tapes and may have a radio too. One of those is a DAB radio. Do you just want something simple to replace your old portable CD player? A children’s portable CD player with very simple controls? Commonly sought after features include shock-proofing to avoid skipped tracks, while preset buttons on a compact portable CD player with radio make finding your favourite station a breeze.

The top 10 portable CD players reviews

Bush jog proof personal CD player review

Best established brand

View portable CD player here

Bush have been selling electronics to the British market for decades and this jog-proof CD player is a nice, neat entry-level model.

This entry level Bush model is possibly the best personal CD player for anyone on a budget. Bush have been around since long before CDs ever appeared, so they’ve been making CD players for decades now. This sleek silver machine is also one of the cheapest portable CD player products around.

Bush have added ‘jog proof’ technology to this small personal CD player, so it’s suitable for gentle sports use. Although they don’t get scratched when it happens, like vinyl, CDs can still skip. Which can be a bit annoying, even though it doesn’t generally do any damage to the disc at all.

If you want an introduction to the world of the compact disc, this Bush portable CD player could be the best portable player for a beginner.

High points:

  • Established brand
  • Anti shock
  • Low price

Low points:

  • Basic model

Click here to find out more about the Bush personal CD player

Klim Nomad portable CD player review

Best buy overall

View portable CD player here

This product is my top pick due to the rave reviews it recieves. There’s also a great pair of earbuds, a rechargeable battery and a 5 year guarantee.

I do love a Sony, and of course they started the whole Walkman thing off. Buy they don’t make Sony CD Walkman products any more. Now if you want a more high end portable CD player, Klim is your best bet. The Klim Nomad is the first of two products listed in this guide. While it has a far higher price tag than some other models, it also has top ratings to match.

The Klim Nomad is ideal for use in the car when you want to play music via Bluetooth. Or indeed via the aux connection, as a cable is included. It also comes complete with a set of Klim Fusion earbuds, which are a mega-selling item. This particular product is definitely a serious contender as the best alternative to a Sony Walkman CD player in terms of reviews and spec.

This is also the best alternative to a Sony Discman when you want to share music, as there are two audio ports instead of one. It comes with a rechargeable battery, so you don’t need to buy batteries. Far better for the planet as well as your pocket. Anti skip and shock protection ensure a smooth, uninterrupted listening experience too. Perhaps best of all, though, is the fact that this one’s covered by a 5 year warranty.

High points:

  • 5 year warranty
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Klim Fusion earbuds included

Low points:

  • Higher price than some

Click here to see the best Walkman CD player on today’s market

Retro red personal CD player review

Best retro style

View portable CD player here

Old school looks, a powerful li-ion battery, great compatibility and a selcetion of sound modes add up to a very solid option.

If you want a quality portable CD player that looks the part, then this retro style model has that old school appearance. It also has an integral 2,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, so you can say goodbye to the pricey, throwaway kind that seem to need replacing far too often. Expect an average playing time of 12 hours on a single charge.

Is this the best portable CD MP3 player for the price? Quite possibly. It’s compatible with CD, CD-R, and CD-RW too, plus WMA files. There is also an aux socket and double headphone jack. A shuffle mode means you can switch things up: I love this feature when listening to albums I know very well. There are five play modes too, including rock, pop and classical.

The red, square shaped casing is attractive, and this retro portable CD player comes with a pair of in-ear headphones so you can get listening right away.

High points:

  • Shuffle plus five sound modes
  • Good compatibility
  • Old school looks

Low points:

  • Headphones could be better

Click here to see this retro mini portable CD player

Oakcastle CD10 Personal CD Player review

Best AA battery powered

View portable CD player here

This neat little machine is a reliable option that’s been selling well for some time. A control lock plus shuffle and repeat modes make it user-friendly too.

Oakcastle? I know, I hadn’t heard of them either. But a quick look at the reviews on Amazon and the fact that they offer a comprehensive 3 year warranty on this CD player soon piqued my interest. That’s impressive stuff.

This is a nicely put together bit of kit, actually. Thinking of unknown brands, I did have a TV and video recorder back in the day that lasted me for many years – and they were the lowest priced ones I could find. So if you’re after a cheap portable CD player, do consider giving one of these a go.

Being powered by mains, a power bank or batteries means this is a versatile machine. It can run for up to 7 hours on 2 AA batteries – and the first pair is included. The control lock is a clever little feature to stop your programmed playlist changing if buttons are accidentally pressed, and there are shuffle and repeat modes too.

High points:

  • 3 year warranty
  • Control lock
  • 3 power options

Low points:

  • Unknown brand

Click here to find out more about this Oakcastle portable CD player

KLIM CD player with built-in battery review

Best 5 year warranty

View portable CD player here

A 5 year guarantee, sleek looks and an integral li-ion battery go a long way with this good value personal CD player from Klim.

Again this is a make I hadn’t previously come across, but the 5 year warranty on this Klim personal CD player would go a long way towards convincing me. Surely a company isn’t going to offer that unless they’re very confident in their products?

Another appealing plus of the product is that fact that it’s a rechargeable portable CD player. Complete with a built-in battery. No more searching around for AAs, or even buying any. This helps to save your cash – as well as the planet we all inhabit.

A pair of high quality KLIM Fusion earbuds is included and this machine is compatible with MP3 playback. It can also be connected to your vehicle stereo, making it a best buy portable CD player for the car.

High points:

  • 5 year warranty
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Value for money

Low points:

  • Not premium brand

Click here to see this KLIM rechargeable CD player

Jensen CD-490 Boombox review

Best space-age look

View portable CD player here

I love the distinctive look of this Jensen portable CD player – there’s something space age about it. Maybe it’s the shaping of those built-in speakers, that are a little like stylised alien eyes. This CD boombox does have a telescopic antenna, after all…

The CD player is a top loader, and there’s also an AM/FM stereo radio. An LED display for the CD player lets users skip, shuffle and search tracks with ease. There’s a really good fold-down carry handle, and there are inputs for headphones, MP3 or even an iPod.

This Jensen CD player can run on mains or battery power, so it can be used both inside and outside the home as required.

High points:

  • Cool looks
  • Mains or battery powered
  • FM radio

Low points:

  • Higher price

Click here to find out more about this Jensen CD boombox

Philips AZ215B/05 Boombox review

Best lightweight boombox

View portable CD player here

From a well-respected brand, this lightweight portable Philips CD player offers bass boost, programming and an FM radio.

This neat, compact machine is one of the best small radio CD player products out there. Another winner from Philips, who offer quality, reliable electronics at lower prices than premium brands – yet they are well established in their field.

You can programme up to 20 tracks on this one, or play songs on repeat or shuffle. Via the radio tuner you can also listen to your favourite stations, so there’s no need to take a huge stack of CDs wherever you go. For improved sound this also features Philips’ own Dynamic Bass Boost.

At a little over a kilo this is a lightweight boombox. This Philips portable CD player with speakers is an all-in-one audio solution that’s also light on the pocket.

High points:

  • Lightweight & portable
  • Well known brand
  • FM radio

Low points:

  • Basic design

Click here to see the Philips CD boombox AZ215B/05

Sony CFDS70B.CEK CD Boombox review

Best CD cassette radio

View portable CD player here

This neat little boombox comes from Sony, my go-to audio brand. It plays cassettes, CDs and MP3 files, plus it has a radio tuner.

Searching for the best portable CD player boombox rather than the best CD Walkman? The original portable stereo brand has come up trumps once again with this portable boombox. It plays CDs and cassettes, and also has an AM/FM tuner and an MP3 compatible audio in connection.

The best portable cd player with speakers for the money comes in black or white, and runs on batteries so you can play it anywhere. You can even mix things up by playing the CDs on shuffle or programme mode.

We have an old Sony boombox in our kitchen – alongside an Echo Dot. We’ve had it for almost two decades and it’s still as reliable as ever. There’s a reason why I’m a lifelong fan of Sony. As well as 80s and 90s music, of course.

High points:

  • Top brand
  • Cassette deck & AM/FM tuner
  • All-in-one audio solution

Low points:

  • Not DAB radio

Click here to see this best buy portable radio CD player from Sony

Click here to buy on eBay

Roberts Radio Zoombox 3 review

Best DAB CD boombox

View portable CD player here

This sleek little model from Roberts Radio comes complete with a DAB digital tuner. It also features bass boost and a USB port.

Like the Sony model detailed above, this Roberts Radio CD player comes in your choice of black or white. It’s a stylish little machine, and has lots of modern features as well as the ability to play compact discs.

These include a DAB digital radio tuner for FM stations, and up to 40 can be programmed into the preset buttons, Enough to please every one of your friends or family members, hopefully. There is deep bass boost for more rounded sound, and the Zoombox 3 also has a USB port for MP3 playback.

Whether you want to use it around the house, at the bottom of the garden or on the beach, this sleek little dream machine wins my vote when it comes to looks and modern tech.

High points:

  • Good looks
  • DAB radio
  • 40 presets

Low points:

  • More expensive

Click here to see the Roberts Zoombox 3 CD player

Lenco SCD-24 portable CD boombox review

Best budget boombox

View portable CD player here

This budget buy portable CD player is ideal for kids, tweens and teens. It’s available in a range of colours and is easy to operate.

The Lenco portable CD player has a lot going for it – especially when you’re buying for a teen or someone heading to uni. Not least as it’s among the best portable music player options at a budget price. It also comes in six colours, so you can choose between red, green, blue, purple, pink and black. So yes, if she wants a pink portable CD player this might be the one to buy.

As someone’s first portable CD player, this is ideal. The colours should appeal to kids, tweens and teens, while the price means no one will be too upset if it did get damaged due to the carelessness of youth. It can be used outside or within the home, powered via batteries or the mains.

A programming feature lets you play up to 20 tracks in a selected order, and the simple operation makes it a doddle – even for the youngest members of the family. This is thus, in my opinion, the best portable CD player for kids.

High points:

  • Choice of colours
  • Simple operation
  • Low price

Low points:

  • Budget looks

Click here to see this Lenco portable CD player

Best buy portable CD player – FAQs

Are portable CD players obselete?

Even vinyl, which goes back way further than CDs, is far from obselete. You can still buy music in for form of a brand new CD, even from mainstream retailers like Amazon and eBay. CDs are more robust than vinyl and offer a superior sound quality. You can even lend out your CD collection to your friends as you have a physical item to share.

What replaced portable CD players?

It’s true that personal CD players and boomboxes have been ditched by many in favour of streaming services like Spotify. However there has been a huge resurgence in the popularity of vinyl in recent years. Are CDs set to follow? Many people who grew up with CDs still prefer to buy them rather than storing music digitall, and sales in 2021 increased as compared to previous years.

Will CDs ever make a comeback?

CDs are already showing signs of making a major comeback. For the first time since the mid-00s, CD sales increased according to the Recording Industry Association of America annual report.

Do CDs sound better than vinyl?

Absolutely. CDs are still the best format you can buy when you want a physical form of music rather than a digital one. The sound quality offered by a compact disc is much better than vinyl, though some prefer the authentic slightly crackly sound of the latter. CDs themselves are also much tougher than vinyl discs.

Are old CDs valuable?

Old CDs are generally really cheap to buy at the present time, with the obvious exception of rare or limited editions. Many new or used CDs can be yours for just a few pounds or dollars. Grab them while you can, because there’s no guarantee that they won’t shoot up in price – just as vinyl has in recent times.

Which is the best quality portable CD player for you?

Whether you’re looking at small CD players for home use or are willing to splash out on my Sony Walkman CD player best buy, I hope this guide helps with your journey into the wonderful world of the compact disc. Welcome to the 90s, indeed.

Marcy x

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Note – This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy via these, I may earn a small fee. This has absolutely no effect on the price you pay. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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