10 Best 80s Compilation Albums [2023]

10 Best 80s Compilation Albums [2023]

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a collection of 80s compilation albums. All on CD too. Yes, as a generation X-er I am old school and proud. If you were there (like Wham) then you know how great the 80s years were. Those born into generations Y and Z might not have been around then, but their parents sure were. Just as my mum and dad’s musical tastes fuelled my love of bands from The Beatles to Dire Straits, millennials and even younger kids might well wish to add one of the best 80s complication albums to their collection.

So here you are. The following are the top 80s music compilation albums out there. Some of which I own, others I just don’t need as I already have too many of the tunes on other CDs. As well as two Alexas – so far. The plan is to add an Echo Dot to the office and the kitchen next – love my clock one in the bedroom. See, I’m not only into retro stuff, honestly. I’m even on Twitter.

The following top ten list should make your search for the best eighties compilation album easier. As it only contains the best rated 80s compilations on Amazon, so you don’t have to just take my word for it either. Click on the links below each listing to see reviews as well as the current price. For a quick fix…

…see my number one 80s compilation album recommendation HERE

Ultimate 80s Classics100£10
Now 100 Hits 80s no 1s100££9.9
Now 100 Hits Classic Rock100£££9.2
Best 80s album in the world60££9.5
The Hits 80s album80££9.6
Magic The Collection58£9.1
Ultimate… 80s72££9.4
The Hits 80s Pop80££9.8
Now 80s Party60£9.7
Amazing 80s60££9.3

Ultimate 80s – The Classics

You can’t argue with the title of this album. As well as the great reviews. All the 80s favourite bands are here – A-Ha, Duran Duran, Madness, Roxette, The Pretenders, The Stranglers and many more. The Stock, Aitken and Waterman music factory is also well represented by both Kylie and Jason, plus Rick Astley, Mel & Kim and Sonia. There are various one hit wonders on here too – songs that you’d forgotten but will be happy to hear once again. Like Angry Anderson’s hit from Neighbours, which was played during Scott and Charlene’s wedding. Aww, true love. This is a top 80s greatest hits album.

See the latest prices and reviews for Ultimate 80s – The Classics HERE

Or check eBay prices HERE

Now 100 Hits 80s Number 1s

The ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ series of compilation albums was big news in the big decade. This classic collection only contains 1980s chart toppers, so you should be guaranteed some great listening. As well as a fair amount of cheese, naturally. From Bucks Fizz, Billy Ocean, Bros and Billy Joel to S Express, Sister Sledge, T’Pau and Yazz, all of the songs listed made it to number one. A hard won contest in those days. Even if we would rather forget Boris Gardiner and Jive Bunny.

Find out more about Now 100 Hits 80s Number 1s HERE

Or check eBay prices HERE

Now 100 Hits Classic Rock

Another from the ‘Now’ stable, this is the pick of the 80s rock compilation albums. Around 500 reviewers have give this an average 4.7 stars (at the time of writing.) Not every trick is from the 80s, but with 100 here the decade is well represented. With classic artists and bands like the Robert Palmer, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Iggy Pop, Kiss, Queen, The Kinks, Janis Joplin, T Rex and U2, I’m sure no one is complaining. 

Check the latest prices and reviews for Now 100 Hits Classic Rock HERE 

The Best 80s Album in the World Ever

It’s a bold claim – but is there any truth in it? The reviews averaged 4.5 stars at the time of writing, so it seems the answer may be yes. Whether you hanker after hearing Abba, Culture Club, Adam and the Ants, The Clash, Dead or Alive, Meatloaf, Soft Cell or the Human League, they’re all on this one. Paul Young! He went to my old high school and his parents lived behind us (true story). Nick Berry – wow. I Loved him. With all my 13-year-old heart. This 80s compilation album covers a great range – synth, New Wave, soft rock, power pop – it’s all here.

Discover the current price of The Best 80s Album in the World Ever HERE

The Hits Album – The 80s Album

80 hits on 40 CDs – that’s a lot of 80s bang for your buck. I love the cover of this eighties compilation album, with more than a nod to the iconic Rubik’s cube. This one attracts an impressive average 4.7 star review at the time of posting, with about 300 happy customers raving about the range of tracks. Heaven 17’s Temptation – top tune! The Jam – a friend of a friend used to work for Paul Weller (true again – my mates lived in Woking). Bonnie Tyler – my late mum couldn’t stand her for some reason – I’ve no idea why. UB40 – Ali Campbell lives about a mile from me now (yep – friends of friends are neighbours of his). Five Star, Soul II Soul, Altered Images, Whitney Houston, Kenny Loggins… there are some corkers here too.

View The Hits Album – The 80s Album HERE

or check eBay prices HERE

Magic The Collection

If you like to mix things up, try this. It’s an 80s compilation album, but has some contemporary tunes thrown in too. According to the great reviews from satisfied owners, it’s a combination that works. Magic Radio is a favourite with 80s music fans, so it follows that plenty of the 1980s’ greatest hits will be here. Songs from Paloma Faith, Ellie Goulding, George Ezra and Pharrell Williams area from more recent times, while the 80s is represented by The Bangles, Belinda Carlisle, Fleetwood Mac, Alison Moyet and lots more.

See Magic: The Collection HERE

Ultimate… 80s

Once more this is a 4-CD collection – and also with an average 4.7 stars at the time of posting. There are top 80s anthems from the likes of The Jackson Five, Europe, James Brown, Toto, New Kids on the Block, John Farnham, Alice Cooper and Aretha Franklin. Whether you wanna dance with somebody, go loco in Acapulco or find your favourite waste of time, plenty of hits are here from a variety of 80s bands and solo artists.

See more Ultimate… 80s  info, including current prices and reviews HERE

Or check eBay prices HERE

The Hits Album: 80s Pop

Another contender among the best 80s compilation albums is this one, also from ‘The Hits’ series. From Kim Wilde to Matthew Wilder to ABC or Blondie, lots of top 80s hits are here to keep that retro vibe going. The 1980s was THE decade of pop, and there are 80 of the best hits listed on 4 CDs here. Remember Men At Work, Samantha Fox and Milli Vanilli? Want to hear Boy George, Visage, Nik Kershaw or King? Then this might be the pick of the 80s compilation CDs for you.

Find out more about The Hits Album: 80s Pop HERE

Or check eBay prices HERE

Now That’s What I Call 80s Party

It is hard to beat those ‘Now’ collections – surely THE original 80s compilation albums. If you’re looking for 80s party music, then your guests won’t be disappointed by this. Dance along to classics by Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Bananarama, Simple Minds, The B-52’s, Nena, Salt’n’Pepa, Wham, Chaka Khan, The Communards… the list goes on. Surely this is the best of the 80s albums for those who want to party like it’s somewhere between 1980 and 1990.

See reviews and the price for Now That’s What I Call 80s Party HERE

Or check eBay prices HERE

Amazing 80s

This a pretty amazing 80s compilation, as it goes. Again, 4.7 stars on average at the time of writing. There are 60 ‘feel good’ 80s ditties on this 3-CD album, and those who’ve made their purchase rate this collection highly. Let Curiosity Killed the Cat take you straight back down to earth. Perhaps you’d prefer to dance on the ceiling to Lionel Richie or ride on time with Black Box. These are the 80s tunes to get you moving and shaking and singing along. How is it that we can remember every word from the songs of youth? They don’t even have to be our favourites…

You can check out Amazing 80s HERE

Or check eBay prices HERE

Which of these 80s compilation albums will you buy?

Will it be an 80s party CD, a rock compilation or a collection solely containing 80s number ones for you? Whichever you choose, get those tracks playing and get on down to the best music the 1980s has to offer. It’s a cheese-fest at times, granted, but don’t we all crave some of that from time to time? Or even time after time?

Marcy x

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