Music Gifts Guide [2023]

Music Gifts Guide [2023]

Lend your giving some cachet by adding a musical theme to the presents you give. After all, who isn’t into music of some sort? Whether they prefer top tunes from the 80s and 90s, love playing the guitar or prefer classical, this list of the best music gifts the UK has to offer should provide a little inspiration.

From miniature musical instruments to games, clothing and prints, we’ve got the lot. Whether you want a kids’ musical present, guitar gifts or something personalised, check out the following list of the best gifts for music lovers.

The top 20 best Music Gifts in the UK

Kalimba Thumb Piano

This Kalimba – or Marimba – makes a great gift for kids or adults alike. It’s a little wooden music box that’s played simply by strumming with the thumbs. Easy peasy. An ideal introduction to the world of musical instruments, this African finger piano also makes an interesting objet d’art for the home.

Compact, portable and easy to learn, this highly rated musical gift has a lovely sound, but be warned. Playing it can, apparently, be surprisingly addictive…

Discover this African thumb piano here

Sharp Musical Mug

This music-themed mug makes a great and very affordable gift idea. Perfect for a school teacher, guitar tutor or piano player, the mug makes a witty reference to a commonly-used symbol, proclaiming ‘This Is A Sharp Not A Hashtag’.

Whether they prefer coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a herbal brew. this is among the best small gifts for music lovers. It’s practical too, being both dishwasher and microwave safe.

See this Sharp music mug here

Sterling Silver Treble Clef Necklace

For someone who wants to wear their heart on their sleeve – or at least their love of music close to their heart – tis treble clef necklace is ideal. Made from 925 sterling silver, it comprises an 18 inch chain with a musical pendant dangling from it. This is decorated with a gently curving line of sparkling cubic zirconia for subtle style.

It’s the kind of jewellery that complements any outfit, whether it’s everyday work clothes, weekend wear or an evening dress.

Check out this sterling silver music note necklace here

Now That’s What I Call Music Board Game

Nothing says 80s compilation album quite like ‘That’s What I Call Music.’ Now fans can play the board game, featuring questions on 80s and 90s music as well as that from the current century. It’s a great family game to play over the festive season – and might even teach the younger members all about your misspent musical youth.

Depending on the roll of the dice, playeres might find themselves miming a song, completing a title or even humming the melody or clapping the beat. As well as answering all kinds of trivia regarding music from the 80s and beyond.

Discover this retro music board game here

Set of 4 Musical Coasters

Also a top pick among great gifts for musicians – and could also be given alongside other gifts. This set of 4 music coasters is the ideal stocking filler or thank you gift. There are four cork-backed coasters in the box, each with a heat-resistant, wipe clean surface.

Thanks to the monochrome colour scheme, this practical and attractive set of musical drinks mats would look great in any home, and offers good value for money too.

View the Music Coasters Boxed Set here

Frankie Says Relax T-Shirt

Nothing says 80s music more than ‘Frankie Says Relax’, right? Let them wear their love for 80s tunes by buying this retro t-shirt as a gift this Christmas or for their birthday. It’s what every market stall was selling back in the day, trust me.

This is also a great buy for anyone attending an 80s party, roller disco or anything that recalls the neon-coloured, padded-shouldered, big-haired decade.

See a ‘Frankie Says Relax’ t-shirt here

Personalised Cassettes Print

This is one of those music gifts for men or women that has the personal touch, as every cassette on the print can be selected. So you might want to make sure you know their top eight bands or artists before ordering this cassettes picture – cast your eye over their CD, vinyl or indeed cassette collection, or listen to what they ask Alexa to play.

That’s got me thinking now – what would I pick? Whatever the options you go for, you can choose between A4 and larger A3 size versions of this print. You can also opt for a frame to be included if you like.

Find out more about this cassettes personalised print here

Personalised Guitar Plectrum

One for the musicians among them, this plectrum is the pick of personalized guitar picks. It’s well presented in a magnetic box, which gives the recipient a safe place to store it. Previous purchasers rave about that quality of this item that can be engraved just as you wish.

This makes a lovely keepsake, but is also a very useful item for the musician among your family and friends.

See the ‘Personal Picks’ guitar plectrum here

Echo Dot with Alexa and Clock

If, like me, you’re into music from decades gone by, you might not feel inclined to invite Alexa into your home. We have a vast CD collection and saw no need. Now, there are three and counting – I expect that number will have doubled by the time we reach the end of the year.

The first one I had was the clock version and I love it. It’s used daily as my alarm clock, and whenever I feel like hearing a track in the bedroom I can do just that, via voice command. We now have a larger device in the living area and one in the kitchen that’s used mainly as a timer and radio. But the Echo Dot Alexa with clock is still my favourite. You can buy it in sandstone or twilight blue – the latter being a denim-like shade. I guarantee it’s a gift they’ll love – and soon wonder what they did without.

View the Amazon Alexa with clock here

Tonies Toniebox Starter Set

Looking for music related gifts for kids? Then check out the Toniebox. Available in all their favourite colours (pink, blue, red, purple, green or grey) this is an audio player for kids. It’s great for spoken books as well as music, and is so simple to operate that even 3-year-olds can manage it themselves.

Perfect for kids aged between 3 and 7, this fun music box gift is screen free and is operated by placing the character on the top of the cube. Removing it stops play, while the volume can be controlled via the ears. Tracks can be skipped by tapping the sides, too. This robust, padded cube is great to take anywhere, and this kit contains everything they need.

Find out more about the Toniebox music player for kids here

3D Headphone Night Light

Whether you want music themed gifts for an adult or child, this cool 3D night light should fit the bill. It’s shaped just like a pair of traditional headphones. The industrial style combined with LED bulbs creates a wonderful item to light up the bedroom, office or lounge. It’s guaranteed to become a talking point when visitors come to call.

This light can be used as a night liget, or simply to create a relaxing evening ambience. Place it in a central spot like the hallway and you have an attractive, energy efficient source of lighting to help you see your way. As well as a styish decorative feature.

Discover this 3D headphones night light here

Guitar Playing Cat Ornament

Looking for guitar ornaments? Then take a closer look at this cool cat. Attracting extremely high ratings, this cat-playing-a-guitar is surely the ideal gift for fans of guitar music as well as those who actually play one. Whether displayed on a desk, wall shelf, sideboard, windowsill or above the fireplace, this fun decorative gift adds style and humour.

There is also a sax player option, plus a feline singer to choose from.

See these musical cat ornaments here

Kids’ Karaoke Microphone

It’s not just the kids who’ll enjoy playing with this wireless karaoke microphone. Using bluetooth technology, it’s a premium product at a great value price. All three metallic colour options are really groovy too – choose between gold, aqua blue and rose gold.

The microphone is compatible with bluetooth devices such as laptops and smartphones, and can also be used as a speaker. The sound quality is surprisingly good – although that may well depend on how good your loved ones’ singing voices are.

View the karaoke microphone for kids here

Personalised Treble Clef Keyring

Anyone searching for personalized gifts for musicians would surely love to stumble upon this treble clef keyring. Especially when it can be made unique – and has a very modest price tag. It comes gift boxed too, giving you the option to present it to mark a special occasion.

At the time of writing this item attracted only incredibly positive reviews. Whether you want it as a token of appreciation or a stocking filler, who couldn’t make use of a beautiful new keyring?

Discover this personalised music themed keyring here

Nuts and Bolts Piano Player

If your music man (or woman) is more of a piano fan, then this nuts and bolts musical sculpture should float their boat. Industrial styling and a funky little figurine sat tinkling the ivories has plenty of appeal.

Like all Steelman24 items these piano ornaments are made in Germany, so you can be sure it will be well put together. If that’s not enough, then check out all those rave reviews.

Check out this piano nuts and bolts ornament here

Kids’ Music Mat

Please even the youngest musically minded members of the family with this music mat for kids. While it’s recommended for children aged 3 plus, it’s non-toxic and thus safe for even inquisitive babies. On this mat they can experiment with 10 different musical instrument sounds while they jump, dance and kick around.

Being lightweight and easy to pack away, this musical play mat is also ideal for taking away on holiday or when visiting friends in their homes.

See this kids’ music play mat here

Yamaha Beginners’ Electronic Keyboard

If you really think they might be capable of making beautiful music, buy them this electronic keyboard for beginners by Yahama – one of the most respected brands in the business. A music gift idea for kids or adults, and it might see them from school age well into adulthood.

It has 61 full sized keys, plus 120 different instrument sounds to experiment with. Whether they fancy themselves as the next electronic music sensation or the next Elton John, this keyboard might just set them on the right track.

Find out more about this Yahama electronic keyboard here

Music Notes Printed Scarf

Can any woman’s wardrobe ever have too many scarves? When a large scarf like this can be used as a wrap or shawl, it’s unlikely. It can be used to smarten up a casual outfit, or as a way of adding a light layer of extra warmth.

Any music lover would surely be glad to recieve this music notes scarf as a gift. And it’s clearly one of the best gifts for musicians. In neutral tones, this will also go with anything.

View this musical printed scarf here

Vinyl Record Player with built-in Speakers

If your friend or family member is the sort that likes to put the needle on the record, then they’ll love this vinyl turntable record player. The built-in speakers even offer decent sound quality, and it really looks the retro part.

The best of old-fashioned styling and modern technology are combined to create this player with USB and bluetooth connectivity. This wooden music box lends any home a dash of vintage flair, while the capacity to cope with 3 speeds and sizes of record means they can play all their old favourites again. Or perhaps some new ones – even my local supermarket sells vinyl LPs these days.

In classic brown or claret, this vinyl music player will bring the look and sound of the 60s, 70s and 80s into your home.

Discover this bluetooth vinyl record player here

Music Gift Vouchers

And finally – sometimes the obvious options are actually the best. Make sure you get what they really want by giving a gift card. Predictable it may be, but it’s far more exciting for the recipient, who then gets to choose exactly what they hanker after. With millions of downloadable tracks, singles and albums to choose from, they can add to their music collection in vinyl, CD or virtual media.

If they’re glued to their phone, a music voucher may be the obvious choice. Opt for an Amazon gift card and you can choose between presentation boxes, including a funky, retro-style yellow swirl design or a blue bow tie box.

See an Amazon gift card in a free yellow swirl box here

Which music gifts will you give?

Whatever you pick, I hope this music gift guide gives you some inspiration when buying for fans of music from all decades. Whether you’re considering music gifts for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or even to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Although those who prefer the 80s and 90s have the best musical taste, obviously…

Marcy x

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