10 Best Sweatproof Over Ear Headphones [2023]

10 Best Sweatproof Over Ear Headphones [2023]

My search for the best sweatproof over ear headphones began when I discovered the INXS: Access All Areas podcast hosted by Bee and Haydn. Wow – someone else loves ‘my’ ultimate 80s and 90s band as much as I do? I’m sold. (And I need a new bit of music kit!)

Not only on the much-missed Michael Hutchence, but also on the the trio of Farriss Brothers (the group’s original name) plus Kirk Pengilly and Garry Gary Beers. Sublime saxophonist, and such a good bassist they named him twice.

Anyway. Alas, I’m not one of those people who can work with music playing or people talking (which is probably just as well when clients are paying me to write professional level copy).

So the only time I get to listen to the podcast – and sometimes my daily 80s and 90s music fix – is on the school run. Which I walk daily, as long as the weather isn’t too inclement, and often at a fast pace as I’m running late.

Click here to see my number one recommendation as best sweat resistant headphones

I’ve chosen these Sony workout headphones because they offer great sound with extra bass and good value for money. They are also lightweight to wear and carry, boast a long battery life, and come from one of the most reliable brands around.

So I need a) sweatproof headphones that are preferably also showerproof. And b) over ear headphones. My lugs just don’t mix with those in-ear ones, which simply fall straight out. I don’t know why, maybe my ears are misshapen…

Whether you want them for running, the gym or singing along in the rain, you’ll find all the best headphones for working out right here.

Only the finest products with top reviews and ratings are recommended, and there’s a pair to suit you as well as your budget. So read on to discover the best sweatproof headphones to suit your lifestyle!

Best sweatproof over ear headphones contents

Compare the best over the ear sweat proof headphones

NameFeatures Buy because…Price
Sony WH-XB700Great sound with extra bass, lightweight, long battery lifeBest overallClick here
OneOdio over earFast charging, 24-month service back-up, very comfortableBest budget Click here
Bose QuietComfort 35Desirable brand, 3 levels of noise cancellation, case includedBest brandClick here
JBL Tune 510BTGood audio brand, lightweight, 4 colour optionsBest bargainClick here
Beats Solo 3Apple compability, great battery life, noise cancellationBest for Apple Click here
Adidas RPT-10Marshall made, washable ear pads, deep bass soundBest for gymClick here
AfterShokz AeropexFully waterproof, bone conduction, ultra lightweightBest for cyclingClick here
Mu6 RingMulti-purpose, lightweight & sleek, very affordableBest for workClick here
AfterShokz OpenMoveVery lightweight, 24 month warranty, 4 coloursBest lightweightClick here
Bose Frames TempoSunglasses+audio, superb sound, water resistantBest 2-in-1Click here
sweat proof headphones

Choosing good sweat proof headphones – what to look for

So you want the best over ear headphones for working out that are sweatproof? Wireless too, is pretty much a must. There are several other features worth looking out for when choosing. These include how easy they are to clean, the weight and whether or not they have noise cancellation.


Whether it’s a brisk winter walk, a jog around the block in spring or an hour in the gym after work, there’s no doubt that exercising will make you sweat. Therefore you want the best sweat resistant wireless headphones you can find.

The key is finding over the head headphones for working out that can cope with a little moisture. If you’re outside, a sudden shower could also take you by surprise.

That’s why all the headphones I’ve chosen have either thick padding to the ear sections or a water resistant design. This provides a substantial layer of insulation, protecting the electronic components from both your sweaty head and the elements.

That said, if it’s raining, do pop up a hood or an umbrella, as well as exercising common sense if it’s bucketing down. In other words, don’t use even the best sweat resistant headphones during torrential rain. One pair, however, are fully waterproof, so you can do just that if you buy those.


As you’re presumably searching for sweat proof headphones for running, gym wear or other exercise, I’m going to take the fact that you perspire during your workout as a given.

That being the case, the best workout headphones in an over ear style are also those that are easy to keep clean. It’s good practice, in fact, to wipe down your headphones after each use, preferably with a disposable anti-bacterial wipe.

This will keep the ear pads hygienically clean, while ensuring they don’t get a chance to grow mouldy or smelly due to the dirty, damp conditions micro-organisms tend to thrive in. If that bothers you, one pair listed have removable, washable ear pads.


Seeking sweatproof bluetooth headphones? Good idea. Wires are a pain in the rear end when you’re constantly moving, and thankfully these days there’s no need to suffer the inconvenience.

While bluetooth was probably just a twinkle in an inventive someone’s eye during the 80s and 90s, thankfully now there are plenty of sweatproof wireless headphones to choose from.

That’s why all the pairs listed here are wireless and bluetooth enabled. They’re just so much more practical for wearing when working out.


Of course sound matters – but how much, to you? Better sound almost always means a higher price tag – and/or missing out on other features.

Tech-heads will love the options from Sony, Beats and Bose in particular, as they offer the best quality sound. I simply depends what you’re prepared to pay for that.


Picking the best sweat proof headphones shouldn’t be a weighty issue. For use during exercise, lightweight is the top choice, and I’ve gone for minimal mass for this very reason.

You want to feel light as air when you’re running or pounding the treadmill. Not like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Nor, for that matter, do you want to let the discomfort of your audio equipment distract you from the playlist or podcast you’re listening to.

Noise cancellation

Noise cancelling headphones can be a great thing when exercising in noisy indoor or outdoor environments. But – and there is a big caveat here – safety first where the latter is involved.

Although wearing noise cancelling headphones can make your run more pleasant, they could also inadvertently make it more dangerous. You need to know what the traffic’s doing, or if someone is approaching on foot, bike or scooter.

Noise cancelling headphones for gym use, however, can be a better idea. As long as you can still hear and see enough of what’s going on to stay safe – such as if someone desperately needs your attention in an emergency or the fire alarm goes off at the gym.

Best sweatproof over ear headphones – recommendations & reviews

Sony WH-XB700 over the ear sport wireless headphones review

Best overall pick

If you’ve read any of my other music gear guides then you’ll probably know I’m a sucker for a Sony. In my experience, their equipment lasts not just for years, but for decades.

This pair are among the best sweat proof bluetooth headphones around. They’re lightweight, with superb sound quality and good battery life of up to 30 hours.

Added bass also provides a powerful musical punch. Should you want to adjust this, you can use the Sony Connect app to do so.

At a fraction under 200 grams, these Sony headphones are ultra lightweight. The voice controlled Alexa function is also helpful when exercising – just make sure no one around could misconstrue what you’re requesting. (I don’t recommend Iron Maiden’s Bring your Daughter… to the Slaughter for this very reason.)

This is a great all-round pair of headphones that is just as good to use at home as it is when exercising outside or at the local fitness or leisure centre.

Top of the Pops:

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Great sound quality with bass boost


  • Budget looks compared to some

Click here to see these Sony sweatproof over ear headphones

Check eBay prices

OneOdio over the head sports headphones review

Best budget buy

This is a less familiar name when it comes to the best headphones for training or indeed anything else. If that puts you off, would the price tag plus a 24 month limited service guarantee sweeten the deal?

In fact you only need to click on the link to see how highly rated these headphones are. It’s because they’re comfortable to wear, thanks in part to memory foam ear pads. They also offer good sound and you can use the noise cancelling option if you wish.

This product is a great buy from an up-and-coming audio company. Quality materials have been used, including bluetooth chips from a British manufacturer.

Other useful features include the fact that they fold down for travel and an adjustable headband to fit each wearer. They also charge quickly and offer a decent battery life.

Top of the Pops:

  • Quick charging
  • Very comfortable
  • 24 month service back-up


  • Lesser known brand

Click here to view these OneOdio noise cancelling headphones for sport

Check eBay prices

Bose QuietComfort 35 II noise cancelling headphones review

Best for audio buffs

If you’re really into all things audio, then you might well already be sold by the fact that it’s a Bose product. I can’t say I blame you – this is a good-looking pair of headphones with from an impressive brand name.

Wearing them will certainly give others the impression you take your music seriously, but are they worth the considerable price tag?

Well for a start – if having spent the money motivates you to go to the gym or take to the tracks, then the expense may well be justified on those grounds alone.

So that’s the form covered – what about function? Some other products offer noise cancellation, and this often meets with mixed reviews. Bose have addressed this by adding three levels of noise reduction so you can tailor the listening experience to you.

You can use Google Assistant and Alexa directly, plus Siri via your iPhone if required. This set of sweat proof wireless headphones also comes with a decent quality carry case to keep them in pristine condition.

Top of the Pops:

  • Very desirable brand
  • 3 levels of noise cancellation
  • Great case included


  • High price tag

Click here to see these Bose QC35 gym wireless headphones

Check eBay prices

JBL Tune 510BT overhead bluetooth headphones review

Best branded bargain

We used to have a pair of JBL speakers that Mister was given by a friend, and they gave both households many years of good sound.

If you’re not bothered by a noise reduction option, then this could be the best bluetooth workout headset to go for. The price is certainly attractive, as is the fact that at the time of writing they attracted an average score of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

This pair of JBL over ear headphones is also available in soft pink, deep blue, black or white. At under 160 grams, they are also ultra lightweight to wear.

This contender as best over ear headphones for working out is foldable, has bluetooth connectivity and the sound is boosted by JBL Pure Bass.

Top of the Pops:

  • 4 colours
  • Lightest in weight
  • Good audio brand


  • No noise cancellation

Click here to view the JBL 510BT over ear headphones

Check eBay prices

Beats Solo 3 over ear workout headphones review

Best for Apple addicts

If you’re an Apple devotee (for the record, I am to their computers yet prefer Samsung phones), then Beats Solo headphones are the ones to buy, as they allow for seamless pairing with an iPhone. As well as any Mac or Ipad the H1 chip detects in the immediate vicinity.

They are also compatible with Windows computers and Android devices, but you’ll have to use bluetooth in the usual way. As with the Sony sweat proof bluetooth headphones, the Beats Solo range is AI enabled, so you can activate Siri via voice control for hands-free song or channel switching during exercise.

Whether you use the noise cancellation function is entirely down to your judgement – just bear in mind the safety of yourself and others. Another good reason not to do so is that it can almost double the battery life.

Wearing a pair of these offers the AirPods style experience, but in a completely differently shaped bit of kit. They’re the number one choice for Apple fans, but they are a little heavier than the Sony option.

Top of the Pops:

  • Instant pairing with Apple devices
  • Up to 40 hours’ battery life
  • Noise cancellation function


  • Heavier than some other options

Click here to view the Beats Solo 3 over ear headphones

Check eBay prices

Adidas RPT-01 over ear headphones for gym review

Best for gym bunnies

If you love fitness brands then you’ll adore these Adidas Sport headphones, available in night grey (pictured), signal coral or light grey. They have super fast USB charging and can go for up to 40 hours per charge.

These headphones are breathable to avoid overheating, and the ear pads and headband can even be removed for washing. The sound is good – deep with plenty of bass – and the look is unashamedly sporty.

The company who teamed up with Adidas to produce these work with music giants like Marshall, so they know their stuff. This is a very light set of headphones, and the only one I found with washable ear cushions.

Top of the Pops:

  • Made with Marshall
  • Super fast charging
  • Washable headband & ear pads


  • Relatively pricey

Click here to see these Adidas RPT-01 Sport headphones

Check eBay prices

AfterShokz Aeropex water resistant on ear headphones review

Best for cycling

The shape of these is rather different to the headphones listed above. Rather than sitting atop the head, these are among the best fitness headphones for those who want something sleeker. The band is worn behind the head rather than above it.

These AfterShokz headphones come in black, grey, blue or red, and really do look the part. If, like me, cycling is your main sport, then these are ideal. Don’t set the volume too high, though – you do need to hear those approaching cars or motorbikes.

That said, the design is meant to allow you to hear what’s going on around you as well as the music, as they don’t block the ear: in fact they transmit sound via bone conduction rather than conventional methods.

This headset is also fully waterproof, so rain is no problem at all. They can even be immersed in water, and moisture levels can be detected for safe charging. Lighter than an egg, these are well worth every penny.

Top of the Pops:

  • Fully waterproof
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Bone conduction sound transmission


  • Not overhead style

Click here to view these AfterShokz Aeropex headphones

Check eBay prices

Mu6 Ring sweat resistant wireless headphones review

Best for homeworking

If the price of the AfterShokz product listed above makes you squirm, it’s worth checking out the Mu6 Ring as an alternative. They’re also some of the best over ear workout headphones with the rear headband design, but are more affordable.

Like the previous set, the Mu6 Ring frees your ears to pick up on what’s going on outside, but bone conduction isn’t used here. Rather, a little speaker sits in front of each ear. It’s effective, but there is admittedly more loss of sound.

This headset stays firmly in place during workouts and runs, and can go for up to nine hours per charge. At just 35 grams, this headset’s also ultra light. It’s also good for use when working from home, especially when a Zoom meeting is on the agenda.

Top of the Pops:

  • Affordable price
  • Sleek & lightweight
  • Ideal for gym, runs & homeworking


  • Some sound leakage

Click here to see the Mu6 Ring on ear sports headphones

Check eBay prices

AfterShokz OpenMove on ear workout headphones

Best lightweight set

If you liked the look of the Aftershokz Aeropex but were put off by the price, don’t despair. This cut-price pair is a very viable alternative for those seeking the best gym over ear headphones. Buyers can choose between blue, pink, black and white.

AfterShokz promise these stay in place even during a dancing session, and at just 29 grams, they’re very lightweight indeed.

They charge in two hours and last for up to six, and are covered by a 24 month warranty. These over ear headphones for working out are also sweat and shower resistant.

Top of the Pops:

  • 4 colours
  • Under 30 grams
  • 24 month warranty


  • Not the best sounding option

Click here to view the AfterShokz OpenMove headphones

Check eBay prices

Bose Frames Tempo sports sunglasses review

Best for standing out

OK, I know they’re not really headphones at all – but please hear me out. The Frames Tempo from Bose are the ideal alternative for those who don’t like wearing headphones. No one might ever guess they’re anything other than sunglasses – and if they do, how cool do you look with your Bose shades on?

So you don’t need to wear anything at all in or on your ears. They are also fully sweat and water resistant for use in all weather conditions. Soft silicone nose pads make them uber comfortable too.

This one truly innovative bit of kit, and a superb alternative to buying the best over ear headphones for gym or outdoor use. How’s the sound? Exceptional – this is a Bose product after all.

Top of the Pops:

  • Ultra innovative
  • Sweat & water resistant
  • Superb sound


  • Most expensive option

Click here to view these Bose Tempo sunglasses with sound

Check eBay prices

Which are the best sweatproof over ear headphones for you?

So. They are the top bluetooth headphones that are sweatproof – but which is best for you? It depends on your budget and priorities. They all have some great features and there’s something to suit every pocket here. Whichever you pick, I do hope you’re using them to listen to music from the 80s and 90s 😉

Marcy x

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