Best MP3 Player for Kids [2024]

Best MP3 Player for Kids [2024]
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If you want to find the best MP3 player for kids, you’re in just the right place. While MP3 players weren’t around for most of the 80s and 90s, this piece of music gear was in fact invented in 1997. Plus you can still use them to introduce your little ones to the best tunes from the top two music decades, of course.

The iPod was of course the first MP3 player, although not many people probably used it as an MP3 player for children when it first came out. Nor, perhaps, since. An MP3 player is a bit of music kit that’s defined as an audio device. It can play MP3 audio files, and now many refer to such a piece of tech as a portable music or media player.

As with CDs, MP3 files are digital rather than analogue, but they are far more space efficient. As well as much easier to use when you want a music player for children to use, without faffing around with or storing a stack of discs.

Unusually, I’m not listing an overall top pick as best MP3 player for kids in this post. This is because different options are suited to kids of various ages. Instead, you can check out the comparison table below to see which is best for each age group.

A big advantage of MP3 players can be how compact and portable they are. Although in reality many devices could be described as MP3 players, as anything from a smartphone or ebook reader to a desktop PC can play MP3 files. Mister, for example, buys music on CD, creates a file on the iMac and then transfers this to his MP3 player to listen to while walking to work.

If you simply want the best kids music player you can find, then you want something like an iPod. You might, however, want something that can do more besides – or indeed something bigger that’s ideal for small hands.

Whether you want an MP3 player for toddlers, teens or any age in-between, all the best kids MP3 player options can be found right here!

Best MP3 player for kids contents

Compare the best MP3 players for kids

Name Key featuresBuy because…Price
Toniebox6 colours, add MP3 files to characters, simple operationBest for toddlersClick here
Yoto playerCool looks, make own Yoto cards, clock & nightlightBest for young kidsClick here
SanDisk Clip Sport GoSleek & portable design, FM radio, stores 8000 tunesBest for portabilityClick here
Sony MP3 playerUltra portable, stores 900 songs, USB port & 3 min chargeBest for tweensClick here
Apple iPod TouchTop brand, 7 colours, good for games, apps & musicBest for teensClick here
kids mp3 player

Choosing a children’s MP3 player – what to look for

Age of child

The age of the child is probably the primary consideration when choosing an MP3 for kids. Do you want a model a toddler can operate themselves, or the latest cutting edge technology for a teen? I’ve covered all bases here by suggesting the top option for toddlers to teens, as well as young kids and tweens.


it is a portable kids’ MP3 player for a teen or tween you want, or is it only going to be used outside the home? The Toniebox and Yoto player are less portable than the others, but are also better for younger kids. The only other place you might take them is the car or on holiday anyway, whereas older kids may want to use their as a Walkman.

File storage

Can you get enough songs on the machine? How are these loaded on? With the Yoto player and Toniebox they go onto a figure or card that is put onto or into the device, whereas on other kids’ music player options they are stored within the memory. So you need sufficient space for all their favourite tracks!

Battery life

How long does the battery last – and is this long enough for the music device’s intended use? A good battery is a key benefit, so I’ve made a point of seeking out products that offer a good battery life. Or in the case of the Sony, a three minute quick charge option.

Other useful features

The Yoto player comes with a clock and a nightlight, while SanDisk’s MP3 has an FM radio built in plus a useful clip. If you’d use these extra features, then they may be worth paying more for. The iPod Touch, meanwhile, can be used for apps and Facetime as well as music.

Best MP3 player for kids – reviews & recommendations

Toniebox music system for kids review

Best for toddlers

View MP3 player here

The Toniebox is for many the best music player for kids on the market. It appeals to youngsters, and even those aged just two or three can often operate it without assistance. It comes in red, pink, blue, green, purple and grey, so it’s also easy to find their favourite shade.

To start playing, you place the ‘Creative Tonie’ character on the top of the box and you’re off. Shutting it down is just as simple, as you take it off again to stop play. This little kid friendly music player starter set comes with one ‘Creative Tonie’ plus a charging station and the main box.

There are so many characters to collect, such as TV, Disney and eduational themed options, and I think these make good bedroom ornaments in their own right. (A bit like Funko Pop figures or Amiibos we have.) You can also add MP3 files to these by logging onto a Tonie account and transferring files via drag and drop or browsing.

The battery lasts for up to seven hours once completely charged, so it’s a good one to take on long trips too. Though you also may want to take a pair of headphones along for the ride too…

The Tonie is perfect for getting young kids into music – as well as away from those seemingly ever-present screens.

Top of the Pops:

  • Add MP3 files to huge range of ‘Creative Tonie’ characters
  • Ultra simple for kids to operate
  • 6 colours


  • Collecting characters could be costly

Click here to see the Toniebox kids’ music player starter set

Check eBay prices

Yoto music player for kids review

Best for young kids

View MP3 player here

If you want something for kids that are slightly older – or perhaps that they won’t grow out of so fast – it’s worth considering the Yoto player.

It’s a good looking little machine, and takes Yoto cards that are slotted into the top whenever you want to play audio. Via the app, parents can control features like the screen brightness and volume. So yes, this one does have a screen.

Music and stories can be played via the app, or straight from the range of Yoto cards available. You can also tune into the Yoto radio station for the latest kids’ hits.

The Yoto player also acts as a clock, nightlight or Bluetooth speaker, giving you more for your money. A great feature for MP3 fans is that you can even create your own Yoto cards by loading them with your own files.

Top of the Pops:

  • Bluetooth speaker, clock & nightlight
  • Buy or make your own Yoto cards
  • Contemporary look


  • Story cards cost extra

Click here to view the Yoto kids’ music player, clock and nightlight

Check eBay prices

SanDisk Clip Sport Go MP3 player review

Best for portability

View MP3 player here

If you want a portable little machine that can go anywhere, then the SanDisk Clip Sport Go might be the music machine for you. As a kids portable MP3 player, this suited to anyone from a child, tween or teen to a fully-fledged adult.

I love the simple, sleek design, and of course the clip that makes it easy to take along wherever you go. This one also has a an integral FM radio – ideal if you get bored of listening to the same old tracks before you’ve uploaded very many. When fully charged, the battery lasts for up to 18 hours, and you can store up to 8,000 songs on it. (Does anyone even have that many?)

The little display screen is crystal clear and makes the machine look more bang up-to-date than the slimmer MP3 players on the market. This is a relatively cheap MP3 player for kids that could well see them into their teens or even beyond. While it may not be as good as the Toniebox or Yoto player for toddlers, it’s ideal for kids a little older who are just getting into music.

Top of the Pops:

  • Built-in FM radio
  • Stores 8,000 songs
  • Sleek, simple design


  • File organisation could be better

Click here to see the SanDisk Clip Sport Go MP3 player

Check eBay prices

Sony Walkman MP3 player with USB review

Best for tweens

View MP3 player here

The Sony Walkman isn’t what it was when I was a kid, that’s for sure. First there were the bulky cassette players, then came the ultra modern (at the time) personal CD players. Now, you simply require a slimline stick with a USB port at one end and you’re off.

Though it’s designed for kids or adults, this particular Sony is ideal as they can fit it in their pocket – and and are therefore less likely to lose it. The price is pretty attractive too, so it’s not the end of the world if their Walkman does go walkabout.

This one comes in red, blue or black, and offers up to an impressive 20 hours of battery life. It can store up to 900 tunes, and even has a three minute quick charge function. It’s ideal for older kids, such as pre-teens who want to listen in as they walk to school, or when out and about.

Top of the Pops:

  • USB port for 3 minute charge
  • Ultra lightweight & compact
  • Stores 900 songs


  • Not for younger kids

Click here to see the Sony NWZ-B183B MP3 player

Check eBay prices

Apple iPod Touch review

Best for teens

View MP3 player here

If you have a picky teen (and tell me, is there any that are not? I know I was very fussy at that age) the latest iPod Touch is a must. Especially if they don’t have a phone, or you want their smartphone battery to actually last all day.

No it’s not cheap, but yes – it’s the best. I’m writing this on an iMac, and we also own a MacBook plus two iPads between us. As well as music, it’s great for gaming and using apps. It has both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and they can use Facetime on it too.

The colours available include red, pink, blue, gold and silver. There’s not really a lot more to say, as Apple products sell themselves. Especially as must-haves to teens everywhere.

Top of the Pops:

  • Top brand
  • Music, gaming, apps and Facetime
  • 7 colours & 3 storage options


  • Highest price

Click here to view the Apple iPod Touch

Check eBay prices

Which kid friendly MP3 player will you buy?

I hope this article has helped you choose the right music player for your children – whether they’re barely older than a baby or about to become an adult. A music player for kids gets them interested in sounds from a young age, and it’s a pleasure they can grow with for the rest of their lives.

Marcy x

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Note – This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy via these, I may earn a small fee. This has absolutely no effect on the price you pay. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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