Best Record Player with Built In Speakers [2023]

Best Record Player with Built In Speakers [2023]

If you really want to experience the sound of the 80s – and decades before – then you really need to listen to some music on vinyl. With vinyl albums I used to own back in the day now selling in my local supermarket, it’s not hard to come by vinyl music. But what do you play those old school LPs on? Like our other articles on music gear, this guide will help you find the best record player with built in speakers to fulfil that precise purpose.

This guide lists the top ten record player with speakers options. Whether you want a bluetooth record player from a a big brand, the best portable record player with built in speakers or a vintage record player for that retro look, we’ve got the lot.

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My overall favourite is the Steepletone Camden 2. This bluetooth record player has sleek retro styling, a professional S-shaped arm, a built in amp and separate speakers for improved sound quality. It also comes from a classic audio manufacturer dating back to 1972.

Why vinyl? The records look super cool – we even have an original Beatles album from the 60s on the wall in our dining room. It’s not only about that 80s aesthetic, though. Vinyl also has an incomparable sound. If you think it’s come back into fashion in recent times, then know this. It never waned in popularity at all among DJs.

Someone I was at uni with dabbled in Djing, and I also worked in one of Manchester’s seminal 90s music venues. All the DJs at the time span their tunes on vinyl. And the thing is, that hasn’t really changed. There’s certainly no medium like vinyl when it comes to mixing and blending tracks. My brother-in-law, who still dabbles, will confirm that.

Making a commitment to vinyl doesn’t mean you have to give up your downloads, or your Alexa. Heck, we have 3 Alexas in our house now. We have piles and piles of CDs and vinyl too. There’s no doubt that retro style is big news. Invest in the best record player to suit your needs and you can truly enjoy the best of both worlds. Read on to find the best turntable with speakers – to suit your style and budget perfectly.

Best record player contents

best record player with built in speakers

Compare the best record player with built in speakers

NameFeaturesSpeedsStylePrice Score
Victrola suitcase record playerBig brand, compact33, 45 & 78 rpmVintageClick here4.5
Wood vintage record playerWood finish, good sound33, 45 & 78 rpmVintageClick here4.6
Sony bluetooth turntableBig brand, phono pre-amp, great sound33 & 45 rpmModern/retroClick here4.8
Soundmaster retro vinyl playerFM radio, German made33, 45 & 78 rpmRetroClick here4.6
All in one music centreCD, cassette & AM/FM radio33, 45 & 78 rpmRetroClick here4.5
Steepletone player & speakersBig brand, amp, separate speakers33 & 45 rpmRetroClick here4.6
JAM vinyl record playerDC servo control, ceramic cartridge33, 45 & 78 rpmRetroClick here4.5
Victrola leather music centreLeather finish, FM radio33, 45 & 78 rpmVintageClick here5
Soundmaster HiFiDAB radio, CD, great sound33 & 45 rpmRetroClick here4.5
‘Ford Mustang’ music centreRadio, USB flash drive, cool look33, 45 & 78 rpmVintageClick here4.6

Top 10 record players with speakers

A handy at-a-glance list of all the really good record players with built in speakers.

vintage record player

Choosing the best record player – what to look for

Before reading the individual turntable with speakers reviews, think about what you really want from your machine. What’s your budget? Would you break it for certain extra features? Read on to find out why the size, sound, speeds and style of the best LP player for you really do matter. Any of these could make or break your purchase, and can help ensure you get the best all in one turntable to suit your requirements.


If your already have some music on vinyl that you’re bought or been given, then make sure the turntables with speakers you consider can actually play the discs. I’ve never spun a 78 in my life – but my parents and grandparents did. It’s no good buying a player than cannot play 78s if you have a box full of them you want to listen to. All options listed here play 33s or 45s, and many can play 78s as well. Back in the 80s and before, an album would play at 33 rpm while a single was 45 rpm.


Size often matters. In this case, think about where you’re going to store it once you’ve chosen the best vinyl record player for you. How often will you use it? If you plan to give it pride of place on the sideboard or its own tabletop, then a bulkier model will probably be just fine. Those who want just to get it out whenever the urge to play vinyl strikes could opt for a suitcase type or other compact type of model instead.


The sound quality can vary a lot. How much difference does this make to you? If you want a better quality of sound, then a model with separate speakers will deliver that. You could even opt for a model that you can connect to a soundbar or wireless speakers instead. Check the spec – and read some more reviews by clicking the rpoduct links – to find out more about what to expect if you want a vinyl player with the best sound quality.


What sort of style would you like? Every item listed here could be described as classic, or retro, while some also tick the vintage box. Do you love the look of the best sounding record player? Will you enjoy seeing it in your home? This is particularly important if it will be out on display. If the best home record player for you is a good-looking one, then do go for one that suits your aesthetic preferences.

Other useful features

Many of these top rated record players have bluetooth. Some can even create MP3 files for you via a USB flash drive. Most have a headphone jack and/or an aux in socket so you can connect them to other speakers, or listen to music without disturbing others. A few of the products listed can also play the radio, CDs or even – in one case – cassettes. One has a DAB digital radio. These features mean you should get a lot more use of of your machine.

The 10 best turntable with speakers reviews

Here are our top ten reviews of the best vinyl record player with built in speakers products. This list covers a comprehensive range of makes and types of quality record player with speakers.

Victrola vintage record player in a suitcase review

If you are seeking a portable record player with speakers and bluetooth, it’s hard to go wrong with this Victrola product. One of the best affordable record player with built in speakers out there from a classic turntable brand. It can be stored anywhere a small suitcase would fit, then simply flip open the lid and plug in when you want to spin some tunes. A handy carry handle makes is super easy to move around.

This turntable has 3 speeds, so it can play old 78s as well as 45 and 33 rpm vinyl. There is also bluetooth built in so you can stream music effortlessly within 10 metres. If you do want to use your own speakers or headphones, there’s a connection point for these on the back too.

Victrola can be traced back to the start of the 20th century and offer this retro vinyl record player with speakers in some really cool designs – including a map or union flag print as well as plain colours.

High points:

  • Cool looks
  • Portable
  • Great value

Low points:

  • Sound could be better

See the Victrola vinyl player built in speakers here

Check eBay prices

Wood vintage style record player review

If you want to shout (like Lulu) about your love of vinyl, then this might be the best record player with speakers for you. It would look great on any sideboard – especially a vintage one. Like the Victrola product detailed above, this one also plays 3 speeds.

Again you can also connect your own speakers if you want to. There is also a built-in USB function as well as bluetooth technology. So although it looks like a 70s throwback, this turntable with built in speakers has the added benefits of modern innovation.

This great value vinyl player even has anti-vibration features to improve the sound and prevent the disc from skipping or scratching. These include small foot pads to the bottom corners as well as a belt-driven system. It has a built in woofer and good bass and treble. Current owners are impressed by the depth and quality of the sound.

High points:

  • Good sound
  • Anti-vibration
  • Bluetooth

Low points:

  • Plays with lid open

Discover this vinyl player with speakers here

Sony bluetooth turntable review

OK, so this isn’t exactly a Sony record player with built in speakers. Strictly speaking. But it’s so like the Sony turntable I had back in the 80s and 90s that I had to include it. Not least because it’s still going. Not only that, but a neighbour at our previous property also had the same one. Still working also, until 2019 at least when we moved house.

So if you want longevity then this Sony model is a great bet. How do you hear the sound if there aren’t any speakers? Well there’s a handy little bluetooth button that will pair it with your headphones, wireless speakers or soundbar. If you already have one or more of those, why not capitalise on that by buying a top brand item that will give you great sound quality?

The Sony PS-LX310BT (I know, it’s a snappy name) is definitely the one I would buy. What better excuse to buy a new soundbar? And some more vinyl to play on it, while we’re at it…

High points:

  • Great sound
  • Premium brand
  • Built to last

Low points:

  • No speakers

View the Sony PS-LX310BT Bluetooth Turntable here

Check eBay prices

Soundmaster retro record player review

This Soundmaster record player has an added advantage – a built in FM radio tuner so you can listen to your favourite station as well as vinyl. It looks so like the stereo my parents had back in the 80s, with that retro combination of a wood and metal finish.

The fact that this is German made gives it a big advantage in my book – no one seems to do technology quite like the Germans and the Japanese. It has those built in speakers, and you can connect your smartphone easily. If your vinyl collection is as yet limited, buying this one gives you the option of tuning into the radio too.

This wooden record player has a 33, 45 and 78 rpm turntable plus 3.5mm headphone socket and RCA phono line audio output. There was a 2-year warranty available to UK buyers at the time of writing too.

High points:

  • FM radio
  • German made
  • 2 year warranty

Low points:

  • Larger size

Find out more about this quality turntable with speakers here

All in one music centre review

Looking for the complete turntable amp and speakers package? This one fits the criteria – and can play CDs and cassettes too. It also has a built in FM radio tuner. Why buy this one? Well, I’ll let you into a little secret. It all starts with the fact that I’ve been around for approaching half a century.

You see how 80s music and vinyl have made a massive comeback? All things do, really. As I saw growing up I saw things from my parents’ generation come back into fashion. Following that formula, it’s only a matter of time until the 90s becomes bigger news than the 80s. When that time comes – and I for one am certain it will – the favoured format of the 90s will also see a huge resurgence in popularity. And that was CDs. The compact disc is going to be the next thing. So why not be prepared for when that happens with this all in one turntable, cassette and CD player and radio?

In the 80s I got my Sony turntable like the one listed above. In the 90s, I added a CD player to my set up. It didn’t have USB and bluetooth connectivity like this one, though.

High points:

  • CD & cassette players
  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth

Low points:

  • Build quality

Check out this all in one home record player here

Check eBay prices

Steepletone record player, amp & speakers review

This Steepletone vinyl player comes with external speakers for the record player rather than them being built in. This means they are bigger and offer a better quality of sound. The main unit also has a an integral amplifier. This professional quality item is one of the best vinyl player with speakers options out there.

It has an auto return arm to put the needle back into its rest once it’s finished playing the record, and bluetooth playback means you can hear music from your device through the speakers and use streaming. I love the look of this one: it’s all sinuous curves from the casing down to the S-shaped arm holding the SSTY9 stylus that comes with it.

If you want a serious bit of kit but don’t have a big budget, this could be the best vinyl record player with speakers for you.

High points:

  • Good sound
  • Built-in amp
  • Auto return arm

Low points:

  • Speakers are separate

See the Steepletone record turntable with speakers here

Check eBay prices

JAM vinyl record player review

JAM? Just add music. Not the sticky stuff you spread on your bread. Now this one really looks like something from the 80s or 90s of my youth, back when I still played most of my music on vinyl. Although it looks like a record deck only, you don’t need an amp or speakers as both are built in.

To ensure the best possible sound from a very affordable tabletop record player this has a belt driven, 3 speed turntable and a ceramic cartridge, as well as a DC servo-controlled motor. It plays discs from all eras, whether that’s the sounds of the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s. Or even, music that actually has been created since the millenium.

If you want to, you can plug another speaker in, or use it to stream music to other devices. This is a great starter machine, with a better spec than some other models in the same sort of price range.

High points:

  • Belt driven
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • Servo controlled motor

Low points:

  • Small speakers

View this vinyl turntable with speakers here

Check eBay prices

Victrola leather music centre review

This Victrola product is certainly one of the best turntable with built in speakers products around when it comes to good looks. Its vintage styling and blue leather finish look stunning. Long-established brand Victrola describe this as a 4-in-1 machine, as it has the turntable, a radio, built in speakers and bluetooth.

Like some other models it has a headphone jack as well as aux-in and RCa out connections for adding extra speakers or pairing up with other devices. With 3 speeds, it can play 78s from an earlier era as well as the 45 singles and 33 albums of the 80s.

This is a cool vintage style machine that’s bound to become a talking point. While looks aren’t everything, the aesthetic of this one undeniably adds to its appeal.

High points:

  • Vintage looks
  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth

Low points:

  • Higher price

Check out the Victrola record player with radio here

Soundmaster HiFi system review

If you’re looking for the best record player with speakers, why not invest in one that offers so much more – on every level? This highly-rated Soundmaster system comprises an automatic turntable record player with a pair of proper speakers that have two way bass reflex.

This one also comes with a DAB radio and CD player, so you can play more than just vinyl records. Take your love of 80s style music into the 90s by playing music on compact disc as well as vinyl. That way, you’re prepared for the next big trend in music, when CDs become as fashionable once more as their predecessor – vinyl – is now.

Soundmaster refer to this as a contemporary take on the classic 80s HiFi – and rightly so. It has that retro look, yet comes with the latest techonology like a DAB digital radio tuner and USB MP3 encoding. There is also an aux in port and headphone jack, plus a remote control. The separate speakers, meanwhile, assure listeners of crystal clear sound.

High points:

  • DAB radio
  • CD player
  • Good sound

Low points:

  • Speakers are separate

Discover this modern record player with speakers here

Check eBay prices

Mustang’ music centre review

Our final listing among these record player reviews is one cool looking, vintage style bit of music kit. Looks aren’t all this good quality record player is about, though. Modelled on the classic Ford Mustang, this record player is an all in one audio solution with a radio and USB playback as well as the turntable and speakers.

A key plus of this product is its compact size and portability. It’s more solid, substantial and stable than a suitcase style item, yet once you close the lid it is self-contained and easy to move around or store. All 3 speeds – 33, 45 and 78 – can be played on it.

A USB flash drive can play MP3, WMA and WAV files. It is also capable of recording your vinyl to create MP3 files – as well as other sources connected to the aux input socket such as a smartphone or tablet. If you want something sleek, shiny and unique as well as functional, you can’t go wrong with this machine that’s styled like a mid 60s Ford Mustang speedometer. It comes in red or black too.

High points:

  • Distinctive looks
  • FM radio
  • USB flash drive

Low points:

  • Build quality

See this good record player with built in speakers here

Check eBay prices

Which is the best all in one record player for you?

We hope these vinyl player reviews have helped you decide which is the best record player – for you. Whether that’s a modern record player with vintage styling or the best all in one record player that can also play the radio and CDs.

Get some ideas about what to play on vinyl by checking out the top 100 singles of the 80s. You may also like my guides to choosing the best acoustic guitar for a beginner or the top beginner keyboard options.

Note – This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy via these, I may earn a small fee. This has absolutely no effect on the price you pay. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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