Michael Hutchence: Girlfriends He Loved and Lost

Michael Hutchence: Girlfriends He Loved and Lost

Michael Hutchence girlfriends. What do those three words conjure up? Kylie Minogue, of course. Helena Christensen, naturally. Paula Yates – notoriously. If you’re a big fan, then you’ll probably also know about Ananda, Michele, Erin and more.

Whatever your thoughts on the love life of Michael Hutchence, one thing’s for sure. The INXS frontman managed to date a lot of beautiful, talented women during his far-too-short lifetime. A list that has, of course, been the envy of many a hot-blooded male – as well as a female fan or two.

The illustrious list of Michael Hutchence’s girlfriends includes writer Ananda Braxton-Smith, film producer Michele Bennett, model Rosanna Crash, pop star Kylie Minogue, supermodel Helena Christensen and TV presenter Paula Yates.

So who were the significant others in the INXS singer’s life? This Michael Hutchence girlfriends list delves into the last rock star’s private life – purely for fun.

Here’s what we know about seven of those ex girlfriends. Including what some revealed during the making of Richard Lowenstein’s Mystify documentary about the rock star.

The Michael Hutchence girlfriends list

Michael Hutchence and Ananda Braxton-Smith

Who is Ananda Braxton-Smith?

Ananda Braxton-Smith is Australian, was an early girlfriend of Michael Hutchence and is a writer.

Braxton-Smith was the Michael Hutchence first girlfriend we all saw in Mystify, talking about Michael’s artisty and love of poetry. Ananda is a journalist and published author, having penned titles for both children and adults.

Apparently she married an Englishman, had two sons and lives – or has lived – in Victoria, Australia. Ananda received a songwriting credit on Love Is What I Say, from The Swing album released in 1984.

Michael Hutchence and Michele Bennett

Who is Michele Bennett?

Michele Bennett is an Australian who was a long-term girlfriend of Michael Hutchence and is a film producer.

According to his very own sister, Michele Bennett was Michael’s soulmate, and the only girl he ever really wanted to marry. It seems that they were torn apart by following their dreams in different directions. If there ever was to be a Michael Hutchence wife, Michele would have surely been the one.

Michele was the last person Michael spoke to and they remained lifelong friends. Apparently she often read to him. Partly their deep and unique bond seemed to come down to a shared passion for the written word.

Michael and Michele were together for six years, and many friends say their relationship seemed like the real thing. To some, they even look rather alike physically – both having lots of brown curly hair, broad grins and long, slender limbs.

Michael Hutchence and Rosanna Crash

Who is Rosanna Crash?

Rosanna Crash is American and was Michael’s Hutchence’s girlfriend during the Kick tour. She was a model.

Rosanna Crash has generally remained guarded about her relationship with Michael. Tina Hutchence says their partnership remains significant to the former model to this day, and praised Rosanna for the support and commitment shown towards her brother during the three years they were together.

michael hutchence girlfriends list

Michael Hutchence and Kylie Minogue

Who is Kylie Minogue?

Kylie Minogue is an Australian actress and pop star who has achieved phemomenal worldwide musical success.

Kylie Minogue dated Michael Hutchence between 1989 and 1991, much to the delight of the tabloid press. In Mystify she admits that the break-up hurt her deeply and caused lasting pain, though she was keen to stress that was the last thing Michael would have wanted.

According to reports dated late 2021 and early 2022, Kylie and her boyfriend Paul Solomons are still together, despite the fact that she’s moved back to her Australian homeland. Kylie returned to the Neighbours set alongside former partner Jason Donovan ahead of the soap’s finale.

Kylie and Jason broke up after she met Michael Hutchence, which he in turn said was very painful and took some time to get over. Things between Michael and Kylie ended when Michael met Helena Christensen in around 1991.

Suicide Blonde from the X album was inspired by Kylie, when she starred in The Delinquents as a character with peroxide blonde locks.

Michael Hutchence and Helena Christensen

Who is Helena Christensen?

Helena Christensen is a Danish model and photographer. She was one of the 80s & 90s ‘supermodels’.

The next in the list of Michael Hutchence ex girlfriends was also a global star during the 80s and 90s. Helena was next in line when things ended between Michael and Kylie, as we’ve since found out that there was something of an overlap between them.

Helena was with Michael in Copenhagen when he sustained the traumatic brain injury that’s believed to have led to his untimely demise. He swore her to secrecy when a brain scan revealed significant, permanent damage, and she finally shared her story during the making of Mystify.

Michael and Helena made an incredibly photogenic pair and there are some fabulous, arty and very sensual shots of them out there. Apparently their relationship was a very playful one. To this day Helena’s social media posts still mention Michael from time to time.

Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates

Who was Paula Yates?

Paula Yates was a British TV presenter and author. She died in 2000, three years after Michael’s demise.

Paula Yates was the mother of Michael Hutchence’s daughter, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof. There was a huge tabloid fuss made when she left Bob Geldof for Michael, and the press followed their every move.

Less than three years after Michael died she was also sadly found dead, apparently of a heroin overdose. Four year old Tiger was with her at the time. Yates apparently told Michael Hutchence’s family at one point that they were engaged to be married, but this appeared to reflect her wishes only.

The relationship between Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates was always controversial and often stormy. Various people have claimed that she courted the press due to her constant desire to be the centre of attention.

Whatever is made of the pairing, it produced Michael Hutchence’s only child. Both parents seemed to dote on Tiger. She was brought up by Bob Geldof after her mother’s passing, alongside her three half-sisters. Tragically Peaches Geldof also died of drug-related causes in 2014.

Michael Hutchence and Erin Seem

Who is Erin Seem?

Erin Seem was introduced by Michael as a Rolling Stone journalist.

Erin Seem had a relationship with Michael while he was with Paula Yates. Even members of his close family met and liked her when he was spending time in the US. According to Tina Hutchence, they may have met up at Johnny Depp’s house during his US visits.

Like other former girlfriends of the rock star, Erin finally spoke out during the making of Mystify. Various people close to Michael, as well as fans, have expressed their gratitude that he appeared to have found some happiness with Erin during the final, troubled few years of his life.

Michael Hutchence girlfriends | Final thoughts

Well ladies, don’t we all wish this list of Michael Hutchence women included our own names? I know I do. Especially if somehow his life had taken a different course. Where would be be now, if he hadn’t been with Helena during that fateful August evening in 1992?

I suspect that if he’d have settled down with anyone, it would have been Michele Bennett, the last pereson he ever called. But sadly we’ll never know.

The fact that he dated so many lovely women is actually comforting. Michael may have only been on this earth for 37 years, but in that time he certainly experienced far more than so many people do during a far longer lifetime.

Lastly, it’s to Michael’s credit that he remained close friends with so many former lovers. There was seemingly none of that bitterness between ex-partners that blights a lot of relationships. Which says so much about the sort of man he was.

Marcy x

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