Best Keyboard for Beginners [2023]

Best Keyboard for Beginners [2023]

This music guide came about because I’m seeking the best keyboard for beginners for my own home. My daughter’s bestie is learning, which has of course got my own child interested. As for me, I’ve always been meaning to give it a go. Not least because both my mother and grandmother were talented pianists. Alas, as they gave it up before I was born, I never heard either play.

The electronic keyboard was also big news in the music world of the 80s and 90s, so it’s something I grew up hearing all the time. As for the piano – well as a regular fixture in schools across the land there’s no escaping that tinkling of the ivories. Now I want to tinker myself. At long last.

Click here to see my number one best buy keyboard for beginners

For me, it had to be a Yamaha – brands do often become classics for a reason. This is a proper piano with 88 weighted keys, so you won’t have to upgrade upon reaching intermediate level. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to store, and offers with great sound quality.

Whether you want the best piano for beginners or a beginner keyboard you can tuck away when not in use, this guide runs through all the top options. The best keyboard to learn piano and the best Yamaha keyboard for beginners can all be found right here. Along with the best digital piano for beginners and the most affordable options for those seeking the best starter keyboard.

So read on for reviews of every really good beginner keyboard I’ve found. From the one my daughter’s mate’s piano teacher recommends to an great value Yamaha beginner keyboard, this guide should help you discover the best piano to buy for beginners – that suits your requirements and budget perfectly.

Best beginner keyboard piano contents

best piano for beginners

Compare the best keyboard for beginners

NameFeaturesPrice Score
Yamaha PSR-F51Full size keys, portableClick here4.7
Yamaha Arius YDP-144Grand piano sound, traditional lookClick here4.8
Yamaha Piaggero NP-12Slimline & lightweight, good soundClick here 4.7
Yahama P-45B 88 keys, acoustic sound, compactClick here4.8
Casio SA-46Budget buy for kids, various soundsClick here 4.7
Casio CDP-S100BKC5Weighted keys with ebony & ivoryClick here4.8
Casio CTK-1500ADGreat value with full-sized keysClick here4.6
RockJam complete setComplete set with stool & standClick here4.6
Korg B2 digital piano88 weighted keys, upright availableClick here4.6
Vangoa folding keyboard88 LED lit keys, folds in half, bluetoothClick here4.6

Top music keyboard for beginners products

A handy reference list of all the good starter keyboard options.

  1. Yamaha PSR-F51 keyboard
  2. Yamaha Arius YDP-44 upright piano
  3. Yamaha NP-12 Piaggero keyboard
  4. Yamaha P-45B portable piano
  5. Casio SA-46 kids’ keyboard
  6. Casio CDP-S100BKC5 digital piano
  7. Casio CTK-1500AD full size keyboard
  8. RockJam set with stand and stool
  9. Korg B2 digital piano
  10. Vangoa foldable keyboard
electric keyboard for beginners

Choosing the best keyboard – what to look for

Number of keys

The keyboards listed in this guide come with 61 or 88 keys. One kids’ version has 32. 88 is the number found on any full-sized piano, so that’s the ideal. Depending on what you want to play – and to what level – 61 may be enough. It depends on your longer term ambitions, as you may end up buying another keyboard in future as you progress. Investing in an 88-key product from the outset can mean you avoid buying twice, thus saving money in the long run.

Type of keys

What type of keys should you look for? The kind found on a piano are often described as hammer or weighted keys. This gives a real piano feel – ideal if you’re practicing at home and playing an upright during lessons. Also consider whether you want full-sized keys – again these offer an authentic playing experience for learners.


This might well be the biggie. How much space have you got? Could you house an upright, or one with a more compact stand? Several models are very portable indeed – one even folds in half to take up less space. If you need to carry your instrument around, then size and weight will be major considerations.

Sound quality

In general, the more you pay the better the sound quality. I’ve also focused largely on reliable big brands for the same reason. If how your music sounds is a prime concern, then don’t be tempted to skimp on quality. Where no one will notice the difference, it erally doesn’t matter so much. Such as when buying for kids.

Other useful features

A range of sounds and modes can add interest to your learning experience, while being able to access tuition apps and the like can accelerate your progress. Some models also come with a stand and stool – or at least the option of adding those as a bundle. AC adaptors, USB ports and even bluetooth connectivity can also be useful extras.

The top 10 keyboards for beginners – reviews

Yamaha PSR-F51 electronic keyboard review

At the time of writing this Yamaha electric keyboard was ‘Amazon’s Choice’ in its category, and attracted average reviews of 4.7 stars. So it surely must be a good bet as the best electronic keyboard for beginners. From a top brand too.

Despite being very compact and portable, this Yamaha beginners’ keyboard features full-sized keys. 61 in total, as well as 120 different instrument voices to play with. There is also the option of ordering bundles to include a compatible stand, plus a stool if required.

There’s a headphone connection so the rest of the household can enjoy peace while you practice, and as it comes with an owner’s manual you can get started straightaway. If you want the best entry level keyboard at a budget price – and from a premium brand – you can’t really go wrong with this.

High points:

  • Full size keys
  • Compact and portable
  • Premium brand

Low points:

  • Keys not weighted

Click here to see this Yahama electronic keyboard for beginners

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Yamaha Arius YDP-144 digital piano review

We go right to the other end of the scale now (pun intended). If you like the idea of a traditional-looking model, this could be the best upright piano for beginners to add to your home. I love the style of this one, and it’s without doubt the one I’d buy if I had the space for it. Which sadly I don’t. It is pretty compact, however. Alas for me, my house is too.

This is 88-key electric instrument is arguably the best yamaha piano for beginners. Available in black and white, it definitely adds a touch of classic style – with a contemporary twist – to any home. It has that rich, powerful sound that characterises instruments of the finest quality.

The complete package comes with this – the stand of course, as well as learner’s and owner’s manuals. If you’re serious about learning piano – or even home decor – then this could be the one to tick your boxes.

High points:

  • ‘Grand Piano’ sound
  • Stylish looks
  • Cutting edge technology

Low points:

  • Higher price

Click here to see this Yahama digital piano for beginners

Check eBay prices

Yamaha NP-12 Piaggero slimline keyboard review

Another highly portable keyboard comes in the form of this Yamaha Piaggero. This slimline model is a good keyboard to learn piano on, particularly for those who want to take it when they travel or only have a narrow gap to slide it into for storage.

It’s a good mid-range option too. More pricey than the cheapest Yamaha keyboards, yet much less costly than the digital piano detailed above. A piano style keyboard with touch response keys, USB connection and 10 ‘voices’ are key features, and it can be mains or battery powered.

Despite its dimensions, this keyboard gives a rich sound and an authentic playing experience. Yet it is ultra lightweight, portable and simple to store.

High points:

  • Ultra slim and lightweight
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Mains or battery powered

Low points:

  • 61 not 88 keys

Click here to see this Yamaha slimline keyboard for beginners

Check eBay prices

Yamaha P-45B digital piano review

If you like the idea of a ‘proper’ piano but the price of the Arius YDP-144 seems a little steep, try the Yamaha P-45B. It’s a serious musical instrument that can be played as an acoustic or electric piano for beginners. There’s a graded hammer standard keyboard, with all 88 keys present.

This has 10 ‘voices’ and can even reproduce that sought-after grand piano sound. Yet it’s compact enough to carry whenever you need to. A pedal is included and it has a USB port as well as AC adaptor. An owner’s manual comes with it too.

This Yamaha piano is digital, yet can bring the sounds of an acoustic into your home. Or in fact wherever you roam. Where space is at a premium or you just don’t want a piano out on show all the time, this is a great – and relatively cheap – piano for beginners.

High points:

  • 88 keys
  • Authentic acoustic sound
  • Easy to carry and store

Low points:

  • Higher price than basic keyboards

Click here to see this Yamaha portable digital piano

Check eBay prices

Casio SA-46 32 key keyboard review

If you’re searching for a kids’ keyboard, then this Casio beginner keyboard is ideal. It has just 32 keys, and as they’re small in size it’s ideal for little hands. At such a budget price, it doesn’t really matter too much if they decide that learning to play isn’t for them.

Despite its tiny size there are some cool features – 5 drum pads, 50 rhythms and 100 synthesiser tones. Parents will also love the fact that there’s a headphone socket so children can play quietly – without subjecting the family or neighbours to the noise!

It’s powered by 6 AA batteries, or you can purchase a mains adaptor separately. There is also a switch for quick swapping between piano and organ sound modes.

High points:

  • Low price
  • Ideal size for kids
  • Various sound modes

Low points:

  • Too small for adults

Click here to see this Casio mini keyboard for kids

Check eBay prices

Casio CDP-S100BKC5 digital piano review

If you’re seeking the best weighted keyboard for beginners, then take a look at this. With hammer action, fully weighted and textured keys, it’s the best Casio keyboard for beginners who want their instrument to feel like playing a piano.

The integral sound engine offers a complete range of options, from pianissimo to fortissimo. You can also connect this to an external audio source. It weighs just over 10 kilos, so it’s also pretty portable and compact. As the keys actually have ivory or ebony coatings, this gives an authentic piano feel.

There are 10 top quality sound options on this, including Grand Piano. If you want a portable digital piano at a competitive price, this could be the one for you.

High points:

  • Ebony and ivory covered keys
  • 10 sound options including Grand Piano
  • Lightweight, portable and compact

Low points:

  • More expensive than basic options

Click here to see this Casio portable digital piano

Check eBay prices

Casio CTK-1500AD full size keyboard review

If you want a cheap keyboard piano for beginners, you cannot go far wrong with this Casio one. Especially as it comes with a 2 year warranty. It’s also from one of the best piano brands for beginners out there.

This is a full-sized keyboard, so it’s great for adults as well as teens. There are 100 built-in songs, 70 rhythms and 120 tones. There’s also a dance music mode and a ‘step-up’ lesson system. It has 61 keys, so it’s good for most novices trying out their musical skills.

A song book, AC adaptor and music rest are also included with this budget option.

High points:

  • 2 year warranty
  • Full-sized keyboard with 61 keys
  • Dance music mode

Low Points:

  • Fairly basic model

Click here to see this basic Casio keyboard for beginners

Check eBay prices

RockJam RJ661-SK 61 keyboard set review

If you’d like to buy a complete set with stand and stool, then check out this RockJam complete kit. It has everything you need to get started. Quite possibly the best electric piano for beginners who have a limited budget but want it all.

This RockJam keyboard has 61 full size keys, and can be powered either via the mains or batteries. As for the stand, that’s adjustable to suit various kids’ or adults’ heights and the stool can be folded away when not in use. This is a good starter keyboard piano set for any learner to practice on. And we all know what practice makes, right?

A touchscreen panel helps would-be musicians to access all the tones, songs, rhythms and a teaching function. RockJam make some great, affordable products for music lovers and this is one of them.

High points:

  • Complete set with stand and stool
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Touchscreen for easy function access

Low points:

  • 61 keys limit intermediate players

Click here to see this RockJam full size keyboard set

Check eBay prices

Korg B2 piano with weighted keys review

This is the one my daughter’s bestie plays. It was recommended by her piano teacher as a great keyboard with weighted keys for a beginner. A very young beginner, at that. She’s already displaying a real knack for playing, so if that’s down to this keyboard then surely you’re onto a winner.

Is this the best entry level digital piano for the price? Look, I’m not going to argue with an actual piano teacher. It’s certainly doing the trick for the little one we know. Plus it looks pretty cool in their dining room. They bought theirs complete with the stand, and it really looks like a proper upright piano.

The Korg digital piano with 88 weighted keys is a great instrument for the beginner, improver and seasoned player alike. It sounds great, looks good and feels just like a traditional piano keyboard.

High points:

  • 88 full size weighted keys
  • Great sound
  • Available as upright piano with stand

Low points:

  • Music holder not so stylish

Click here to see the Korg B2 digital piano

Check eBay prices

Vangoa Foldable piano keyboard review

And finally – if you want the best 88 key digital piano for beginners but need something even more compact, then how about a folding one? This Vangoa model folds in half, so you can store or transport it even more easily. It has has some impressive reviews and ratings.

The benefit of full-sized keys is that they teach piano pupils the correct finger spacing from the start. This folding keyboard comes complete with a padded carry bag, so it’s well protected while being stored or moved around.

There are bluetooth and USB connections, so you can easily access tuition apps. An LED light also helps to demonstrate required timings. This is a rechargeable keyboard too, so there’s no need to keep finding new batteries. It’s a clever and compact machine for any beginner pianist.

High points:

  • Folds in half for storage or transportation
  • 88 full sized, LED lit keys
  • USB and bluetooth to connect to learning apps

Low points:

  • Unfamiliar brand

Click here to see this Vangoa folding keyboard

Check eBay prices

Which is your pick as the best keyboard for beginners?

Will you opt for a reliable Yamaha, the Korg that’s a piano tutor’s pick or simple, basic model to get started on? Whichever you go for, I hope your new machine gives you years of musical enjoyment. It mnight even inspire someone to become the next big thing in the music biz – here’s hoping!

Learning guitar instead? Check out my article on buying the best beginners’ acoustic guitar. You may also like my guides to the best CD players and top rated record players.

Marcy x

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