INXS Podcast Patrons | Why It’s What You Need

INXS Podcast Patrons | Why It’s What You Need

Have you thought about becoming an INXS podcast patron? Is it What You Need? If you’re reading this and you’re not already one of the growing number of fans supporting this awesome podcast, then maybe my story (to storey) will help you make up your mind.

So as I’ve mentioned before, I can’t even recall exactly how I stumbled upon the INXS Access All Areas podcast. I was writing an article on missing Michael Hutchence, and joined some Facebook groups dedicated to the singer and/or the band. Somehow during that process I came across Haydn and Bee, though I can’t remember where I first saw them mentioned.

Anyway I tuned into the show, and was instantly addicted. I can’t explain why it took me so long to sign up. Just, y’know, life. School runs, work, Wine Wednesdays (yep, as I type this it’s a Thursday morning, and I’m not quite feeling my sharpest. It turned out to be a wine and gin Wednesday last night). Cooking, cleaning, laundry- it’s a glamorous existence. But little pleasures like the INXS podcast (and Wine Wednesdays) give a real lift to that midweek lull.

A couple of weeks ago or so (time just tends to be one big blur now I’m in my late 40s) I finally took the plunge. I pledged USD $30 per month to support the show. And its ultimate aim of getting INXS into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

If you’re thinking about joining me, here’s the lowdown on INXS AAA podcast patronage.

Honorary INXS podcast Patrons

Well first of all, if you sign up as an INXS podcast patron you’ll be in some very good company indeed. Here are the four honorary patrons to Haydn and Bee’s podcast.

Tim Farriss

Tim – or Timmy as may of us know him – is the oldest of the Farriss Brothers. He was a lead guitarist for INXS, but sadly a boating incident since severed a finger. My cameo of Tim is him strutting around the stage at Wembley in that Jesus t-shirt. ‘Play the f***ing riff Timmy’ and all that.

How cool do I feel, being a podcast patron along a member of the actual band I love? Frankly that alone was worth signing up for.

Nick Egan

Nick created some of the best-known INXS album covers. Including my personal favourite cover, X. He also designed the artwork for Kick, the band’s biggest selling album, and Live Baby Live – for me their best.

Mark Opitz

For INXS, Mark worked on Shabooh Shoobah, Good Times (which featured on the soundtrack for 80s gothic horror film The Lost Boys), Full Moon Dirty Hearts and many more. This multi-talented man is both a music producer and a creative director.

Richard Simpkin

Who doesn’t love little Richard? Michael Hutchence took Richard under his wing when he was just a teenager, following the band around. He achieved his dream of becoming a professional photographer, and also founded World Letter Writing Day.

Patron levels

There are four levels of patronage for the INXS AAA podcast. This means you can sign up even if you can pledge just USD $5 per month. Here’s a summary of the levels you can choose from – and the associated rewards.


USD $5 per month

  • A thank you shout-out on the show every week


USD $10 per month

  • A thank you shout-out on the show every week
  • Entry to exclusive patron competitions


USD $20 per month

  • A thank you shout-out on the show every week
  • Entry to exclusive patron competitions
  • Invitations to fan Zoom chats


USD $30 per month

  • A thank you shout-out on the show every week
  • Entry to exclusive patron competitions
  • Invitations to fan Zoom chats
  • Chance to decide a show topic
  • Membership of Super Fan group

Patron gifts

As a patron, I also got some lovely gifts, which was a very nice surprise. These came in two parts – as digital mp3 files and physical goodies that were sent to me here in the UK via Australia Post. The latter are pictured at the top of this article.

Digital gifts

  • Max Q full album on mp3
  • INXS Live 1979 – The Alley Cat
  • INXS Live 1980 – The Pickled Parrot
  • INXS Live 1986 – Park Pop festival

Physical gifts

  • Handwritten thank you card
  • Guitar pick
  • Stickers
  • Lanyard

Why I love being an INXS AAA podcast patron

So yes, the goodies are great and I wasn’t even expecting them! My favourite so far has to be the Max Q album, which I’ve meant to buy for a while. To be honest, I was put off by the high prices it goes for.

On first listen I loved the album straight off, though I hadn’t heard it in its entirety before. Which is unusual for me – usually songs take a while to ‘grow’ on me.

I adore the lanyard and would wear it every day if I wasn’t concerned about looking like a bit of a t**t!!! Or tragic fan girl 😉 As for the guitar pick – I think I may have it made into a keyring or a necklace. It’s so cute!

It’s more than the gifts though. Being part of something, and supporting something you love, is more important. Bee and Haydn put so much work into the podcast and so deserve whatever help anyone can give them. Whether that’s financial or practical.

On the podcast I hear about Haydn and Bee going to gigs and so on with their ‘INXS mates’. I don’t really have any of those! Maybe one day I’ll go back to Australia for the fourth time (I spent a year there in 1996 to 1997 and have so far been back twice since). Then I can go and see Don’t Change or one of the other INXS tribute bands with some podcast peeps! Preferably at the Coogee Bay Hotel – my 1996 hang-out.

Will you join the INXS podcast patrons?

If you’re thinking about it – just do it. Haydn and Bee deserve it, and so do you. It always feels good to be part of something. For just $5 to $30 a month, you could join us. Go on. You know it’s all about the best band in the world ever!

In case you’re wondering, I went for platinum. I’m an all or nothing kinda girl. Plus I felt bad that it took me so darned long!

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