Induct INXS | 10 reasons why INXS should enter the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

Induct INXS | 10 reasons why INXS should enter the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

Now Duran Duran have paved the way with their 2022 entry into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, isn’t it time to induct INXS? Though in-the-know fans are familiar with how hard it is to get in, the news is being well-received by anyone who adores INXS music. Like me.

Come on Simon Le Bon, Bono and other musical mates of the Australian sextet. I’m going to tweet this to you, so please, we implore you, do your bit. By sharing and doing whatever you can so INXS can rightfully take their place alongside Duran Duran, U2 and many more.

It’s time – and here are 10 reasons why the best band ever should enter the Hall of Fame.

But first… have you signed the petition to Induct INXS? If not, please do take a moment to do exactly that. And don’t forget to share the link with your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, acquaintances, the window cleaner, the delivery driver – you get the drift.

Sign the Induct INXS petition on here

Have you done that (if you hadn’t already)? Good. But just in case you do need convincing, here are 10 good reasons (thanks Jason Donovan ;)) why it’s high time to induct INXS.

Induct INXS | 10 good reasons why they should enter

INXS were a ‘proper’ band

Watch Live Baby Live and look out for the backing singers, the dancers and the elaborate costumes. What, you can’t see any? Precisely. On stage there are six talented musicians – and little else. (Shirts maybe – sorry about that ladies. Though some do come off by the end.)

Not only did some play multiple instruments, they also sang their own backing vocals in perfect harmony with one another and their erstwhile frontman. No filters needed here – just pure, polished and rehearsed-to-perfection talent.

INXS came together organically

No music mogul with a prime-time Saturday night TV show put these boys together. Oh no. They met during their school days in Sydney, and stuck together through Good Times and bad.

Three of them are brothers, for goodness sake, and were known in a an earlier incarnation as The Farriss Brothers. All six had a brotherly bond anyway, and Michael, Kirk and Garry seemed every bit as comfortable with one another as Tim, Andrew and Jon. They all grew up together, after all.

INXS had a unique sound

The band have said themselves that things really started to happen for them after they discovered their own unique sound. Fusing Australian pub rock with new wave and a touch of funk and a pop of soul, the band’s melodies weren’t quite like anything else out there.

Their exceptional sound is why I fell in love with their music during the 1980s (after they finally cracked the UK market) and still listen to them daily. And repeatedly. Sorry, Mister. #sorrynotsorry

INXS worked so hard

Members of INXS and those who worked with them have said that they worked harder than any other band they knew of. That becomes crystal clear why you watch the Mystify documentary or read Michael: My Brother, Lost Boy of INXS.

Not only that, but the odds were kind of stacked against them from the start…

INXS are Australian

I adore Australia and her lovely, laid-back people, I really do. To the point of obsession, almost, and I’ve lived there previously. But as my favourite travel writer Bill Bryson points out in his book Down Under, it’s not only a long way from anywhere, but isn’t even on the radar of many people living in other parts of the world.

Things happen there – like the the mysterious disappearance of a Prime Minister or the discovery of the planet’s oldest life forms – and no one as much as bats an eyelid. Which didn’t help this incredible band when they tried to make it big (cheers Wham ;)). Hence all that hard toil.

INXS toured, toured and toured some more

Being on tour takes its toll on a person – it’s surely not a complete coincidence that Michael Hutchence took his own life just before another INXS tour was about to start. I’m not saying that was the cause, but quite possibly a contributory factor that led to that fatal moment.

Living out of a bag for months or even years is tough. Add to that endless promotional appearances and interviews and life becomes even more of a slog. Yet they endured it all in order to achieve success and give people the chance to hear them play live.

INXS wrote their own music & lyrics

INXS music is not manufactured pop – far from it. Every single member of the band had a hand in creating their tracks. Michael Hutchence and Andrew Farriss were the ultimate songwriting duo, but Disappear from X was written by Jon Farriss and Michael Hutchence.

Love is what I say from The Swing also credits Ananda Braxton-Smith, a former girlfriend of Hutchence who contributed to the song. The writing is all so real, and happened naturally.

INXS look the part

OK, I hold my hands up. But INXS really do look the part of a rock band – from Michael’s coiled, flowing locks down to Jon’s chiselled good looks, Andrew’s cheeky grin, Tim’s mischievous demeanour, Kirk’s nerdy-yet-cool image and Garry’s unflappable stance.

Come on. These guys are hot. Does that win them any extra brownie points?

INXS will complete the Hall of Fame

Let’s face it, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame simply isn’t complete without these guys. With a unique sound, there will always be something missing until INXS take their well-deserved place.

Funk + Soul + Rock + New Wave in their precise balance of quantities = INXS. And no one else.

INXS deserve to be inducted

If a band ever deserved to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, then surely its INXS. They worked tirelessly to make it in Australia, then across the globe, and they toured non-stop.

Writing their own music, playing their own instruments, singing their own backing vocals and being their own spokespersons all the while. They even ploughed on after the loss of their lead singer, who many saw as totally irreplaceble, as well as after being written off as has-beens.

Better to have been than never to have succeeded at all, I say. INXS, take a bow.

Induct INXS now

So. Have you signed that petition yet? Is there anything else you could do to help get INXS into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame? My attempt is sharing this piece and therefore the word far and wide.

Please, I implore you. Whoever you are, if you like INXS music then please share, re-tweet, campaign and sign. Induct INXS, the INXS Access All Areas podcast and many more will thank you for it from the bottom of their dancing feet.

Marcy x

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