The Life Of Michael – A Poem

The Life Of Michael – A Poem

Born to partying parents,

Adored by big sister T.

A brother came just two years later,

When two siblings became three.

Little colonial lost boy,

World wandering was his lot.

Seven cities before twenty,

Any chance of settling now shot.

Switching schools yet again,

Settling in Sydney’s North Shore.

Bullied because of his beauty,

A Farriss came to the fore.

Doctor Dolphin in the family garage,

Our hero on his tambourine.

Soon promoted to singer he was,

The best frontman so far seen.

In Whale Beach winter ’77,

The Farriss Brothers made their start.

This sextet was something special,

On success every one set their heart.

Moving across the country,

Following drummer boy Jon.

One year left in high school,

Then it would all be game on.

Opening for Cold Chisel,

Support for Midnight Oil.

Touring the Australian pub scene,

At first it was blood, sweat and toil.

Worldwide success came quite quickly,

The UK a tough nut to crack.

Once Kick hit the music shop shelves,

No need now to look back.

A string of successful women followed,

Whose beauty was more than skin deep.

Rosanna, Kylie, Helena and more,

Michele the one he should keep.

Experiments in music and film,

Dogs in Space and then Max Q.

Enjoyable sidelines, modest successes,

The chance to try something new.

Wembley Stadium summer ’91,

Such a long way from Whale Beach.

Drugs dropped during The Stairs,

A mesmerised crowd within reach.

A home finally made, at last

Sultry spot in the South of France.

A place for all his family and friends,

To gather, to laugh and to dance.

Summer ’92 in Copenhagen,

One dangerous blow to the head.

The taxi driver fled the scene,

Our hero was left there for dead.

Dark days dawned over London,

Giggles on the Big Breakfast bed.

A match made in heaven and hell,

What he needed was just what he said.

Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily,

Made the new family complete.

But as for the UK media,

Our hero was feeling the heat.

Senses shot, his daughter distant,

One fatal moment it took.

One final call to Michele Bennett,

Who’d never again read him a book.

Poetic lyrics with meaning,

A free spirit just like her dad.

His legacy lives on in many of us,

Thankful for he we once had.

© Tracy Jackson, 2022

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