Best Vintage Band T-Shirts UK [2023]

Best Vintage Band T-Shirts UK [2023]

Vintage band T-shirts in the UK are big news. Even low price, high street fashion stores sometimes stock them – but are they likely to have the one you really want? From Pink Floyd to Black Sabbath or David Bowie, displaying your musical preferences for all to see is easy once you have the right 80s or 90s band t-shirts from UK suppliers.

Why a rock band t-shirt? Well if you’re not into designer-type threads – like Ralph Lauren polo tops, for example – then vintage style music shirts make ideal threads. They make great gifts too, as alternatives to pricey bits of music kit. Here are all the best vintage band t shirts in the UK right now. The dirty dozen.

Original vintage band t-shirts UK

So here they are. Whether you want to give a Rolling Stones t-shirt as a gift or are buying an 80s pop one purely for yourself, here are the top classic rock t-shirts in the UK right now.

Rolling Stones T-Shirts

A Rolling Stones shirt is a top choice among official band t-shirts. The group’s wide mouth, complete with lolling tongue, is a logo surely recognisable the world over. Our favourite for men is the ’78 tour short sleeved t-shirt, in smooth black cotton. It sure is a classic pick among retro music t-shirts available in the UK!

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For females, we like the flaming tongue design in gold on black best. Also officially licenced, this women’s Rolling Stones top is one of the finest womens vintage rock band t-shirts around. The skinny fit in pure cotton is a cool twist on a classic.

It’s stylish enough to wear in the evening – such as when you’re off to see some live music at the local pub. One of the most glam retro band t shirts in the UK, surely.

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Pink Floyd T-Shirts

Absolute Cult produce some of the best vintage band tees in the UK. This Pink Floyd t-shirt is surely a must for all fans of the psychedelic rockers. This quality, breathable 100% cotton garment can be worn all year round, and is an officially licensed piece of authorised, branded merchandise.

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For women, I love the Dark Side of the Moon boyfriend fit t-shirt. This was the shape of vintage t-shirts I remember wearing back in the 80s, long before anyone had heard of skinny fit tees. From nightwear to pubbing, gigging or clubbing, this Pink Floyd women’s t-shirt shows off your musical taste to all and sundry.

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David Bowie T-Shirts

Quick disclaimer here – I am not in favour of smoking. In fact, having grown up in smoke-filled houses during the 70s, 80s and 90s, I grew up to detest it. But there’s no denying it reflects an era, thus giving vintage music t shirts that authentic look. This unisex David Bowie T-shirt by Absolute Cult add style to men’s garb.

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Prefer something simpler? Than take a peek at this Bowie logo t-shirt. It’s a cropped t-shirt for women. This licensed t-shirt comes in high thread count cotton that can be tumble dried as well as machine washed. Referencing a particular song, it makes a simple change from vintage tour t-shirts for men and women.

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Black Sabbath T-Shirts

Looking for a men’s Black Sabbath t-shirt? I love this one – the design is just so gothic and dark. Reflecting the band’s name perfectly. This one is the official Black Sabbath ‘The End’ T-Shirt, and comes in sizes small to XXL. Ideal to wear for any night at the local pub, a gig – or even for Halloween. Why not wear a rock t-shirt for fancy dress purposes?

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Once more this Black Sabbath T-shirt for women has a gothic look – with just a hint of glamour thanks to the metallic finish. With a club collar, this pull-on t-shirt looks uber cool, and references the US tour of ’78. Clearly a big year for big bands. This top pick among original vintage band t-shirts is short-sleeved and slim-fitting.

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Harley-Davidson T-Shirts

There was a shop dedicated to Harley-Davidson in my home town when I was growing up, and I had a t-shirt from them in my teens. North east England has a lot of rockers in those days, so the motorcycle brand will always be linked to heavy metal music in my eyes.

This men’s Harley t-shirt features a cool yet classic design. While they’re not cheap, these are some vintage rock band t shirts – albeit minus the music – that are made to last.

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Looking for something a little different? Harley-Davidson has associations with the military as well as rock and metal music. This women’s Harley t-shirt reflects just that, featuring a shaped neckline and referencing RAF Mildenhall here in the UK. A genuine trademarked garment, this olive green Harley Davidson t-shirt for women also features a print to the back.

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Nirvana T-shirts

This Nirvana ‘Flower Sniffin’ t-shirt just about sums up the 90s for me. The Madchester era, when I was a student in the legendary city itself. When Smells Like Teen Spirit came on at the union bar, I ran for cover in terror as the men simply went wild and stomped around everywhere. No 19-year-old female fresher was about to stop the stampede!

Anyway, if you loved grunge or the whole acid house smiley thing, this one is for you. These authentic vintage band t shirts are available in men’s or women’s versions for a perfect fit.

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Guns ‘n’ Roses T-shirts

Appetite for Destruction was one of the classic albums of the 80s and this is a modern take on that iconic cover. With a club collar, this distressed Guns ‘n’ Roses t-shirt for men brings 80s metal into the 21st century. This is a stylish piece of official merch that can literally take you from bed to bar in an instant. One of the ultimate original band t shirts.

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For the English (Scottish, Irish or Welsh) roses, I love this washed-out skinny Guns ‘n’ Roses T-shirt for women. It features the classic band logo, and is a nice officially licenced garment.

Wearers also say it’s comfortable and super soft, and also washes well. In fact I’d be surprised if I can resist ordering this one in the very near future – it’s one of my favourite vintage band shirts in this list. And that’s saying something, when I love them all.

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Queen T-Shirts

I love, love, love this Union Jack Queen t-shirt for men. The Union Flag is such a cool and iconic design, and what better to team it with than one of the best bands Britian ever produced? This short-sleeved t-shirt with crew neck features a monochrome graphic of the band as well as the large flag in the background, all printed on a black 100% cotton t-shirt.

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The women’s version also make super cool vintage band tees – the only difference being the navy blue rather than black background and the shaping.

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Beatles T-Shirts

My mum’s original Beatles album – this one – is framed on our wall. A piece of iconic music art for sure. So I had to pick this Beatles Sergeant Pepper t-shirt for men. This top pick among vintage music shirts is available in classic black or bright red, and is a must for any fan of the fab four. Peace and love, man, as Ringo Starr is fond of saying.

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Abbey Road is, of course, another classic, and this Beatles references the classic album and photoshoot. This is vintage band top is officially licensed merch, complete with the proper branding, packaging and label. It comes in black or light blue.

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80s Slogan T-shirts

Plain white tees printed with slogans in black were big news during the 80s. No more so than when the second biggest selling single of the decade spurned the ‘Frankie Says Relax’ t-shirt. Sold everywhere the eye could see for a while, this classic design shows everyone your love for the 1980s. Surely a revival of 80’s band t-shirts in the UK is due, to go with the music?

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Wham had a t-shirt of their own, as worn on the video for Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. This one was also to be found on markets and in stores all over Britain. Everyone who was a fan of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley had one. Teamed with your favourite flourescent leggings, of course.

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Oasis T-Shirts

What wonderful music Oasis have made. Shame about the personality – how dare Liam Gallagher refer to my beloved Michael Hutchence as a has-been? It can’t have helped…

That moment of madness aside, Oasis were certainly one of the UK’s best bands ever, let alone the 90s. Available in white, black or this pale almost-aqua blue, this is one of the quintessential indie band t-shirts for UK music lovers.

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Bon Jovi T-Shirts

So many girls I knew growing up loved Jon Bon Jovi. Oh yes. And the band weren’t too badly regarded, either. This is my pick of the men’s vintage band shirts in this list. I love the denim blue hue and the ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ print. If any song makes playing air guitar irresistable, that must be high on the list.

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Classic rock album and a classic rock band t-shirt for women. This ‘Slippery When Wet’ t-shirt shows your love for the American and British big hair bands of the 80s, and in black is a garment to take the wearer from the pub and straight to bed. Because it’s so darned comfy, of course…

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Which is your favourite of these vintage t-shirts?

I love all of these vintage band t-shirts in the UK for sale – but especially the design of the Bon Jovi men’s one and the Guns ‘n’ Roses t-shirt for women. Whether you prefer Wham, Oasis, The Beatles, Nirvana or Black Sabbath, these retro t-shirts sure do make great threads.

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